• Earth Day

    Earth Day
    in april 22,1970 wat the first earth dayin the united states. there was enviroment problems. every year people celebrate earth day. people clean the enviormentard save electris ty. till this day people celebrate earth day
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    In 1970 a guy named invented the floppy disk.. people needed the fluppy disk to save computer infarmation. this is also a memory card. Till this day there is floppy disk in the world.
  • Earthquake

    In the late 70's there was a natural desator. there was a earthquake in peru. This happen in may 31.lot's of people were killed there was about 50,000 that got killed cause of the earthquake.
  • Women Fashion

    Women Fashion
    In the 1900's women fashion were different then the fashion of 1971. women uato wear long skirts. now women wear any leaqth they want their skist. another things. but when the fahion change women can wear pants.
  • Dna

    The dna was invented in 1972. people didn't know who was who intell the dnawas inveted. now people can identify people faster because tha dna.
  • Richard M. Nixon Speech

    I pledge to you tonight that as long as I have a breath of life in my body, I shall continue in that spirit. I shall continue to work for the great causes to which I have been dedicated throughout my years as a Congressman, a Senator, Vice President and President, the cause of peace -- not just for America but among all nations -- prosperity, justice and opportunity for all of our people.
  • Jimmy Carter Speech

    “We can’t go on consuming forty percent more energy then we produce. When we import oil we are also importing inflation plus unemployment.”
    “We’ve got to use what we have. The Middle East has only five percent of the world’s energy, but the United States has twenty-four percent.”