US in the 1950's

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    He wa an Anti- communist of the 1950's. He is one of the most controversial and reveals American Politicans. He became national famouse on Febuary 9th with his speech and claimed " What 's in my hand is a list of communist loyalist workingin the state Department". Which he became a personal and political approach known as McCarhtyism, a bulling attack.
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    korean war

    The korean war started when North Korean communist invaded South korea. This war was like a civil war, but America stepped in. Korea was owned by japanese Empire. More than 29,557 American's died in combat. The United States , China, North Korea send an army which ended the war, but falls to bring about a permit of peace. And the last ground base combat was July 24-26, July 27 was the last air combat of the Korean War.
  • President Truman's Hydrogen Bomb

    President Truman developed the hydrogen bomb. There was also a assanation attemped on Truman while the bomb was being developed. The first thermonucular missle was exploded in 1952 before the hydrogen bomb was made. This bomb was a big thing and it weigh was enormouse.