The 1910's

  • The Triangle Factory

    The Triangle Factory
    The Triangle shirtwaist factory was the largest blouse makers in the New York City. It was a 10 story building that had poor working conditions. Saturday, March 25, 1911 it caught fire. 146 workers died people were angry they charged the ownere but they were not found guilty. After that many safely laws were passed for al industries.
  • The Mona Lisa Stolen

    The Mona Lisa Stolen
    On August 21, 1911 the Mona Lisa was missing. No one noticed untill August 22. Louis Beroud and museum gaurds looked throughout the museum fot the painting. When it was not found it was determined stolen. People investigated fot 2 years. At least until the autumn of 1913. Alfredo Geri got the theif Vincenzo Perussia arested and got the painting back. it was officially returned December 30, 1913
  • Oreo

    Na BIs Co made other cookies like animal crackers ther was a new idea twoo flat chocolate disks with a creamy filing. They introduced the cookie as an oreo. It became the best selling cookie in 1912. Then they made more types of oreo cookies. Now the design on the disks of an oreo are different than when it started.
  • Pesonal Income Tax introduced to US

    Pesonal Income Tax introduced to US
    At first income tax was made by Great Britain to use the money to defeat the French in war. The US did the same in the war of 1812, but it ended with the war. By 1890 the US goverment wanted to tax more evenly. The goverment basicly wanted to make a perment encome tax. The 16th amendment made that happen. This amendment forced the US to collect tax by state population. This made the first income perminate tax law in october 1913
  • Canal

    The ship orders were slow so Roosevelt wanted a canal. When Colombia refused $10 million he went to Panama and protected them from Colombia. Panama acepted 10 milion dollars for the land. Then America started working, by 1914 the canal opened. The ships orders were faster but then Panama resented the American control zone. Therefore America gave the zone back to Panama in 2000.
  • WW1 Outbreak

    WW1 Outbreak
    Europe was at war with france. Then there was an outburst of nationalism from other countries. Germans declared war on Russia to protect Austriahungary. Then it became the WW1 outbreak which america stayed out of. All of a sudden Germans sank Lusitania, after a warning of not to send it out. President Wilson protested then Germany apoligized and paid for the expenses.
  • America Enters the War

    America Enters the War
    In 1916 America decided to perpare for war. But in 1917 Germans torpedoed a U.S merchant ship. On April 6, 1917 Congress declared war and enterded WW1. America drafted 3 million young men, and 2 million voluntered. After 4 long years of fighting the war ended. America had won this war. America lost 116,000 lives, but only because we entered the war late. This number was very small to the millions of men other countries lost. this was finnally the end of world war 1's fighting
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    In 1916 women were working their way togain their rights. Women began a group call the National Womens Party (NWP). this group was working to get women equal rights. the NWP marched, protested, and striked for their rights. By 1919 the 19th Amendment was passed. Women were allowed to vote, women were also given equal rights as men. this was a victory for all women.
  • Spanish Flu

    Spanish Flu
    A flu started it was more virulent than the other flus. It was a deadly virus that spread through the world. It was called the Spanish flu. Hospitals were really full. In the begining it killed nearly 50% of earths population. But when the war was over no one cared anymore.