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Albert Pujols

  • A legned is Born

    A legned is Born
    Jose Alberto Pujols is born on this day in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • Albert Comes to America

    Albert Comes to America
    Albert and his family move to America when he was 16, Date is unknown.
  • Albert gets Married

    Albert gets Married
    Albert Pujols and Deidre Corona Get married on New Years!!!!
  • NL R.O.Y.

    NL R.O.Y.
    Albert Pujols played so good, that in 2001 he won the N.L. R.O.Y., his counterpart, Ichiro Suzuki, was named the A.L. R.O.Y. The Date when he won is Unknown
  • McGwire is Retired

    McGwire is Retired
    Mark McGwire retires from baseball, and Pujols has a job as the 1st baseman.
  • Foundation Determination

    Foundation Determination
    The Pujols Family Foundation is introduced on this day, and hopes to have thriving sucess
  • M.V.P. Finally

    M.V.P. Finally
    On this day the M.V.P. votes were counted up, and Albert Pujols was the winner with 18 out of the 32 possible votes!!!
  • S.I. Cover

    S.I. Cover
    Albert Pujols made it to the Cover of S.I., the date, and month is unknown
  • Gold Glove

    Gold Glove
    In 2006 Albert won his very first gold glove, THe Date is unknown.
  • The Cardinals Win the Series The Cardinals Win the Series

    The Cardinals Win the Series The Cardinals Win the Series
    The Cardinals finally win the World Series, and Abert finally got his ring.