Ace Frehley

  • Born

    Ace Frehley was born on April 27, 1951 in The Bronx New York.
  • Period: to

    Ace Frehley

    Ace Frehley is an interesting guy he seems mysterious
  • Graduated

    Graduated Grace Lutheran at age 13.
  • First guitar

    First guitar
    Ace Frehley got his first guitar on Christmas 1964 when he was 13.
  • Advertisement

    In late 1972, Bob McAdams, one of Ace's best friends, spotted an advertisement in the Village Voice for a lead guitarist job. He showed it to Frehley and the rest is Kisstory.
  • joins Wicked Lester

    joins Wicked Lester
    Joins Wicked Lester with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.
  • Wicked Lester/Kiss

    Wicked Lester/Kiss
    Wicked Lester changes its name to Kiss.
  • Bands

    Ace Frehley spent early 1973 in a series of local bands
  • Salary

    In September 1973, Kiss began to receive a salary from new manager Bill Aucoin that paid each member $75 a week.
  • Kiss Debut Album

    Kiss Debut Album
    1974 Frehley's sole songwriting contribution was "Cold Gin".
  • Gibson Les Paul/Smoking Guitar

    Gibson Les Paul/Smoking Guitar
    Ace Frehley is well recognized for using Gibson Les Paul guitars, including his trademarked model conversion Cara Guitars which filled the stage with tones of smoke during his live guitar solo in 1975.
  • Kiss/ Ace Frehley Solo Album

    Kiss/ Ace Frehley  Solo Album
    Frehley released an eponymous solo album in 1978. His was the best-selling of the four Kiss members, and the album's lone single (the Russ Ballard written "New York Groove"), originally recorded by Hello, made it to the Top 20 in the United States.
  • Frehley's contributions

    Frehley's contributions
    Ace Frehley's songwriting presence within the group increased in September 24, 1979. He contributed three songs for 1979's Dynasty and three for 1980 Unmasked.
  • Crash Boom Crash

    Crash Boom Crash
    Ace Frehley was involved in a serious car acident.
  • So long Ace Frehley

    So long Ace Frehley
    On December 15, 1982, Kiss began the Creatures of the Night tour without Ace Frehley: he was replaced by Vinnie Vincent.
  • Frehley's comet

    Frehley's comet
    In 1984, Ace Frehley started his post-Kiss solo career by making a band that included, among others, drummer Anton Fig (who had performed on Ace Frehley's 1978 solo album and on two Kiss albums). Bassist John Regan (who had worked with Peter Frampton), whom Ace Frehley met in 1980, was also an original member of the band as was vocalist/guitarist Tod Howarth. The group, whose name alternated between 'Ace Frehley' and Frehley's Comet, recorded a series of demos in 1984 and 1985.
  • Frehley's Comet

    Frehley's Comet
    Frehley's Comet, a mix of hard rock and pop metal, was a successful return to the music scene for Ace Frehley. The album was #43 on the Billboard 200 (selling nearly 500,000 copies), and the single, "Into The Night," reached #27 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. "Rock Soldiers" was an autobiographic song, written partially about Ace Frehley's April 1982 car accident.
  • One for all

    One for all
    In 2007, Peter Criss dedicated the final track of his new solo album, One for All, to Ace. The song is titled Space Ace and features biographical lyrics and a very Pink Floyd-like atmosphere.
  • Frehley on Saturday

    Frehley on Saturday
    Frehley was to play the Download Festival 08 (June 13, 2008) on the same day as Kiss, who were headlining. However, for reasons unknown, Frehley was moved to the Saturday (headlined by The Offspring), while Kiss remained as headliners for the Friday. He said, "I am very excited to have been asked to play at a festival like this for my English fans and I'm really looking forward to the day." Frehley also made an appearance (and played one of his own songs) at a Pearl Jam concert at Madison Square
  • Frehley performes at Yankee Stadium

    Frehley performes at Yankee Stadium
    Frehley appeared on April 2, 2009 at the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium performing "New York Groove" with Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and Anton Fig.
  • Anomaly

    Frehley's most recent album Anomaly was released on September 15, 2009. For the first time in nearly 20 years, the legendary guitarist has concocted an explosive new solo effort. Flaunting fiery riffs, pristine production and jaw-dropping craftsmanship,
  • Frehley and Peter rejoining KISS

    Frehley and Peter rejoining KISS
    Recently on Eddie Trunk's XM Show in March 2010. Ace Frehley let listeners know that Gene Simmons has contacted him and Peter about rejoining KISS for a reality show. No confirmation has come from either Gene, Paul, Ace, or Peter. Also mentioned by Ace on the show is that he hopes to release a new album within the next year or two, plus another album that would contain pieces of work Ace worked on in the 80s and 90s but were never officially released.
  • Information

    I got all my information at "Ace Frehley-Wikipedia, the free encyclodpedia" and clip art from Google and a little help from my dad "Phil."
  • Albums by Kiss

    Albums by Kiss
    Kiss (February 18, 1974)
    Hotter Than Hell (October 22, 1974)
    Dressed to Kill (March 19, 1975)
    Alive! (September 10, 1975)
    Destroyer (March 15, 1976)
    Rock and Roll Over (November 11, 1976)
    Love Gun (June 30, 1977)
    Alive II (October 14, 1977)
    Double Platinum (April 2, 1978)
    Dynasty (May 23, 1979)
    Unmasked (May 20, 1980)
    Music From "The Elder" (November 10, 1981)
    Creatures of the Night (October 13, 1982) (credited, but does not appear)
    Kiss Unplugged (March 12, 1996)
    Psycho Circus (Se