The Korean War

By tpavlik
  • Split Korea

    The 38th parallel splits the country into the Soviet zone in the North and the United States zone in the South.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • The Republic of Korea

    The Republic of Korea is formed in the South under the rule of the first president, Syngman Rhee.
  • Democratic People's Republic

    The North is named the Democratic People's Republic with Kim Il Sung as the leader.
  • US Leaves

    The US troops leave the South having been there after World War II.
  • North Korea invades South Korea

  • The US joins the War

    The US joins war but it was never declared a war because the country recieved permission from The United Nations to aid South Korea. The actions in Korea are called a "police action".
  • The US and allies entered Seoul, South Korea

  • China Joins the War

    Communist China joins the Soviet in aiding North Korea against the South and the Democratic countries helping the South Koreans.
  • President Truman dismisses MacArthur

    MacArthur was dismissed as Supreme Commander in Korea after a number of controversies and disagreements with the President involving the Chinese and bombs being used in the war.
  • The US and British halt the Chinese forces

  • The US adopts a new policy

    This policy was to support only a democratic, united Korea not the split and partially Communist Korea.
  • Eisenhower wins Presidency

    Eisenhower was elected in 1952, he would serve after Harry S. Truman.
  • President Eisenhower Visits Korea to try and find an end to the war

    While he was still president-elect, Eisenhower flew to Korea to try and find a way to end the Korean War.
  • Armistice Agreement Signed

    There was no victory at the end of the war. There was a peace but nothing was resolved, Korea was still left split and conflicting but at a peace understanding.