Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem)

  • Born

    Was born in Kansas City, Missouri to Debbie and Marshall Mathers II.
  • ByeBye

    Marshalls Dad walked out leaving him with his mom. Young marshall would write letters to his dad later in life of which werre returned to sender.
  • "Brain damage"

    Marshall was hit so hard into a snow bank that he was knocked unconsious. He ended up in the hospital unconsious for five days. He suffered a Hemrage.
  • big brother

    nathan (eminems half brother) was born.
  • held back

    was told he had to repeat freshman year
  • drop out

    after being held back in freshman year again marshall dropped out of school
  • Infinite

    First album released
  • The Slim Shady EP

    The Slim Shady EP
    Album released
  • The Slim Shady LP

    The Slim Shady LP
    Album released
  • Marshall Mathers LP

    Marshall Mathers LP
    The Marshall Mathers LP was realeased
  • The Eminem SHow

    The Eminem SHow
    Album released
  • Encore

    His album Encore was realeased
  • Relapse Refill

    Relapse Refill
    Relapse album was released.
  • Recovery

    Recovery will be released