Savvy bookcover

Jacob Knott Savvy

  • Expostion 1: Background

    Mibs, a 12 year old girl belongs to a family of people who have "savvies" which are kind of like super powers. Every person gets their savvy at age 13, and Mibs is turning 13 in two days. She can't wait to see what her savvy is.
  • Exposition 2: Setting

    Exposition 2: Setting
    Mibs lives with her family in a house off the highway outside of Hebron Kansas, in an area that on Monday through Wednsday, they call Kansaska, on Thursday through Saturday they call it Nebransas, and on Sundays they call it nothing in respect for the lord. They had to move their because Mib's brother's Savvy is to make storms, and water triggers it.
  • Conflict

    The family learns that their poppa was in a humongous car crash. It is also Mibs' birthday, and as she wakes up, both Gypsi and Samson's supposedly dead turtle mysteriously wake up... The strict wife of the pastor, Bobbi, and Will Junior take them to a huge birthday party. They decide they have to get to their Poppa to wake him up.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    At Mibs' birthday party,after Rocket, Gypsi and Momma leave for Salina, in the office in the church Bobbi's tatoo looks like it's talking to her and she hears it say "She's really lonely you know" after that, she faints.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    Fleeing from everybody, Mibs, Fish, Will Junior, Bobbi and later they discover Samson, all get on a pink bible bus that they think goes to SWalina, where their Poppa is in the hospital.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    The kids are discovered by the bus driver,a man named Lester, aand Mibs hears the voices of Lester's wife and mother, who are also tatooed on Lester's arms. He agrees to take them down to Salina when his work allows.
  • Exposition 3: Characters

    Exposition 3: Characters
    Mibs: the main character, just turning 13.
    Fish:Mibs' older brother, his savvy is to create storms.
    Samson: Mibs' 7-year old brother, very quiet and dissapears often.
    Will Junior: Lives with the pastor at the church and his family, liks Mibs a lot.
    Bobbi: Will's teenage brother, doesn't seem like she cares much for anything.
    Rocket: Mibs' teenage brother, creates electricity.
    Momma: Mibs' mother, her savvy is to do everything perfectly.
    Poppa: Mibs' father, has no savvy.
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    Mibs is given a pen for her birthday by Will Junior, and he lets her draw a smiling sun on his hand. It winks and starts to talk about the secret that Will Junior would tell her if she told him about savvies. She freaks out and Fish fights Will until she screams "Wash your hand Will!" and Fish wipes off the ink.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    On the road to one of the stops where Lester has to deliver bibles, they come across a broken down car. Outside the car a woman named Lill was standing looking at the car. Lester talks to her and asks if he can take her to her work at a truck stop in a town called Emerald a few miles away.
  • Rising Action 6

    Rising Action 6
    Mibs explains to Fish about her savvy of reading minds through ink, Bobbi hears this and tells Will everything. They see a missing children's alert on the TV for them. Lill is fired for being late again. The manager at the truck stop throws Lill's last payment on the floor and makes her pick it up. Samson bites him and while he's down Lill takes the money and Lester gets a pie for Samson.

    Lills agrees to stay with the group for a while. She persuades Lester to take the kids down to Salina the next day. They get a room at a motel for the night where Lill exoects the kids to call their parents.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    Bobbi has to fake a phone call to her mom becauseshe does a perfect imitation of her voice. Lill buys it and goes to a shop to spend her last payment.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    Fish is able to control or "scumble" his savvy and get in the pool where Will kisses Mibs and Fish and him get into a huge water fight while Bobbi and Mibs talk.
  • Falling Action 3

    Lester goes to see Carlene to pay her and then leave with Lill. They get into a huge fight where Lester stands up to Carlene and leaves. Carlene calls the police when she sees the missing children.
  • Resolution 1

    Resolution 1
    The storm blows over as more police arrive and take Carlene away. Willl Junior's dad comes, who is not the pastor but a young ranger and Will was taken by her grandmother at a young age. Him, Lill, Lester, an officer and a child case worker drive the kids down to the Salina Hope Hospital.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    Pastor Meeks and Miss Rosemary come in their golden minivan to pick up Will and Bobbi and drop off Gypsi and Mibs' grandpa. Miss Rosemary is extremely angry at them even though she doesn't say anything.
  • Resolution 3

    Resolution 3
    Mibs uses her savvy on her father's faded navy tattoo to talk to him and guide him out of his coma and save him. He comes back except on some days he couldn't remember things. Rocket moves away where he can't zap anything and Fish learns how to control his savvy and goes back to school.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    On the bus driving away Mibs relizes they forgot Samson. They return to Carlene's trailer and, through the things Samson drew on himself with a pen, she found she finds out that Carlene locked him in a storage space. She gets him out while Fish causes a huge storm and the police arrive and question the adults.