kass gulf

  • Start

    On April 20 2010 the oil was over flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Period: to

    Kass oil spill

  • The Second Day

    There were reports about the rig that was leaning up to 10 degrees.
  • Third Day

    The burning oil rige has sunk and the damige to the enviorment appears miner.
  • The Fourth Day

    The cost garde told the ABC Morning America that there was no crude oil leking form the oil rig
  • Fifth Day

    The oficals said that this is a very serious spill also this has the patentional to be a mager spill
  • Sixth Day

  • Day 6

    People where trying to stop the flow with remote controle submariens.
  • Day 7

    It takes a week for Obama to speak to the executives of BP.
  • Day 8

    Today, offshore did not make the cut in the list.
  • Day 9

    It takes 9 days for govener to emergency declare in the gulf oil spill.
  • Day 10

    They found the first bird covered in oil.They took it to be cared for emetitly.
  • Day 11

    Oficials said that " the oil spill was one of the most devistating manmade disaster.
  • Day 12

    Obama waits 12 days before visiting the oil spill.