nats timeline in shakespeares time

  • went into shakespears time after a dream

    nat wakes up after a dream in shakespearian time with a boy called harry in a house and nat has been told he has to play puck at the globe theartre and goes to the globe and also went to the horrible bear bating
  • Period: to

    nats time in shakespeares time

  • Today Nat met Roper

    Today Nat met Roper
    He also did fencing and other classes .Roper has now become Nats enemy .
  • Yesturday Nat went bear bating wich was horrible.

    Yesturday Nat went bear bating wich was horrible.
    not much happened over the next few days just the same thing class after class
  • Still the same

    Still the same
    classes and rehearsals carry on. Roper has an argument with Nat
  • Nat saves Roper

    Nat saves Roper
    shakespeare asks him to live with him
  • Toaday Nat performed for the queen

    Toaday Nat  performed for the queen
    Nat was very nervous performing for the queen but after he met her he relised she was not antything special . Nat thought she would look like robert in his gloriana costume.She was an old lady with a wrinkled white face that had lived along time her eyebrows were just painted curls her eyes were like bright black beads moving constantly very alert . she was quite nice though she thanked us for our dream. She said a gentle play a merry play.
  • Nat has to go to st pauls

    Nat has to go to st pauls someone is bound to notice nat is not nathan field ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh