• The Beggining

    A very historical day for the Olympics in Atlanta with fame and tragety
  • Period: to

    Olympics bombing

  • The start

    There was a dramatic begining to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when the greatest boxer of all time Muhammed Ali lit the cauldron to start off the olympics
  • happy times

    Everything was going good. Everyone was doing good winning awards
  • confusion

    At 1:07am a 911 caller from a phone booth down the street uttered the words "there is a bomb in Centennial Park, you have 30min".
  • tragety begins

    At 1:20 the bag exploded, spreadingshrapnel around a corner of the park injuring 110 people and killing 1 person
  • R.I.P

    the one person that died was a woman named Alice Hawthorne
  • idiot

    The olympic bomber was found hidding in North Carolina
  • idiot part 2

    The bombers name was Robert Rudolph and he was 36 years old at the time
  • major idiot

    This was not his only bombing that he has done. He also has been charged for bombing a gay night club, and a clinic that perfomed abortions
  • later idiot

    Rudolph was sentenced to death