Apple Models

  • Apple I

    First Apple Computer Model
  • Apple II

    The Second Model, released shortly after frst model.
  • Apple III

    The Third and longest living model so far.
  • Apple 68000

    This was the Fourth model, it consisted of Apple Lisa, and Apple Lisa 2
  • Apple Compact

    This was made up of the Macintosh series.
  • Apple Mac II

    This was started and named after the Macintosh 2 wss released.
  • Apple Portable

    Started when the first portable Apple Computer was created
  • Apple LC

    This consists of the LC versins of apple computers.
  • Apple Quadra

    Only consists of 2 computers
  • Apple PowerBook

    The first models of LapTops
  • Apple PowerBook Duo

    The Second Generation of the PowerBook
  • Apple Centris

    The longest lasting Apple Model
  • Apple iMac

    The longest living Apple Model, we still use it today.
  • Apple Performa

    Very high-tech for this time
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad

    The most high-tech models out so far, they are present day models.