Steve Jobs

  • Steve Jobs Born

    Steve Jobs Born
    Steve Jobs considered one of the best innovators ever to live, and most famously known through his work with apple was born February 24th 1955 in San Francisco, California. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, when his birth mother decided to give him up. His father Paul was a mechanic and very skilled with working with his hands which Steve Jobs admired a lot.
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    Steve Jobs

    Biography of Steve Jobs
  • Steve Jobs family moves to Mountain View California

    Steve Jobs family moves to Mountain View California
    Steve Jobs family moved to Mountain View, California which is just south of Palo Alto, Calfironia, which was becoming a technological hub, the area began to be known as "silicon valley". Steve Jobs developed an early fascination with electronics and engineering, and preferred to hangout with the kids interested in engineering that lived in the neighborhood
  • Steve Jobs Joins Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club

    Steve Jobs Joins Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club
    Steve Jobs joined the Hewlett-Packard Explorer club where he had the opportunity to see other engineers demonstrate their new products. This furthered his passion for engineering and specifically computers, when he got to see his first computer at 12. He said from that moment on he knew he wanted to work with computers.
  • Steve Jobs Meets Wozniak

    Steve Jobs Meets Wozniak
    Steve Jobs met Wozniak through their mutual friend, Bill Fernandez. They immediately hit it off and became very good friends, due to similar interests, including pranks, computers, technology and even Bob Dylan.There friendship would last a long time and the two together would later co-found Apple one of the biggest tech companies to date.
  • "Blue Box"

    "Blue Box"
    Steve Jobs and Wozniak created devices know and "Blue Boxes". The device let you make long distance phone calls for free, by connecting to the AT&T infrastructure.Steve Jobs and Wozniak decided to sell their devices, showcasing their early entrepreneurship spirit. This event also provided Steve Jobs with a major realization who said "we could build a little thing, that could control a giant thing. And that was incredible lesson."
  • Attends Reed College

    Attends Reed College
    Steve Jobs decided to attend Reed College where he studied physics, literature, and poetry. He later would drop in calligraphy classes, since Steve Jobs officially dropped out of Reed college after his first semester.
  • Working for Atari

    Working for Atari
    After dropping out of college Steve Jobs got a job at the gaming company Atari, where he worked night shifts as a technician. He worked there to save up for a trip to India with his friend
  • Trip To India

    Trip To India
    Steve Jobs travel to India, with his friend Daniel Kottke, in search of enlightenment. Steve was always very close to his spiritual side, practicing Zen Buddhism and partaking in drugs (marijuana and LSD). Steve Jobs often incorporated his spiritual side into his business practices and simplicity became his business philosophy. Steve Jobs continued to meditate and practice Buddhism throughout his life.
  • Founding of Apple

    Founding of Apple
    Steve Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computer Inc. Steve Jobs sold his van and Wozniak sold his calculator inventions to fund the foundation of the company that would become one of the biggest technology companies to date.
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    The Apple 1 was the first product from Apple Computer Inc. There were the first to think that a computer should have a keyboard and be hooked up to a T.V screen. Woz and Steve first showed the Apple 1 board at the Homebrew computer club. They later would assemble the Apple 1s in Job's garage and sell them to computer hobbyists
  • Unavailing of Apple II

    Unavailing of Apple II
    The Apple II was an 8 bit computer and was the first highly successful mass produce microcomputer products. It was introduced at the West Cost Computer Faire and would become the first commercially sold product from the company, marketed towards American households.
  • Apple Goes Public

    Apple Goes Public
    Apple becomes a publicly traded company, increasing Steve Jobs wealth from dozens of millions of dollars to over 200 million dollars. The inital public offering was the biggset since Fords in 1956.
  • Launch of Macintosh

    Launch of Macintosh
    The Macintosh is launched at Apple's annual shareholder meeting. The Macintosh revolutionized the computer industry, and was designed for the average person and not just experts.It was the companies first mass market personal computer to feature an integral graphical user interface and mouse.
  • Palace Coup

    Palace Coup
    The relationship between John Sculley then CEO of apple and Jobs became shaky, with Mac sales not doing well, and Jobs becoming "disruptive" within the company. In a board meeting with a heated debate between the two, ended up with the Board siding with Sculley. Jobs was stripped of all operational responsibility and and five months later he handed in his resignation.
  • Retiring From Apple

    Retiring From Apple
    Steve Jobs retired from Apple after that fallout of "Palace Coup", and being taken off the mac team.
  • Founding NeXT

    Founding NeXT
    After leaving Apple, Steve Jobs founded NeXT, a computer and software company. He took along with him several coworkers from Apple in order to start the company. Their computers had little sales, but their operating system and developmental environment would prove to be extremely influential.
  • Purchasing of Pixar

    Purchasing of Pixar
    Jobs went on to buy Pixar from LucasFIlm. The company would explode and prove to be one of Steve Jobs greatest investments.
  • Pixar Goes Public

    Pixar Goes Public
    A week after Toy Story released, which was a huge hit, Pixar went public. Steve Jobs worth rose to $1.5 billion dollars as a result.
  • Apple Purchases NeXT

    Apple Purchases NeXT
    Apple purchased NeXT for $400 million bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple. It was a merger in which Apple acquired all of the NeXTs assets and Jobs was brought on as an advisor. The combination of NeXTs software and Apples hardware was a powerful combination.This was done in time in which Apple was losing market share that it was looking to recapture.
  • Named official CEO of Apple

    Named official CEO of Apple
    Steve Jobs was named the official CEO of Apple. He would go on to turn around the direction of the company and accomplish many great things. Would go down as one of the greatest CEOs' of any company.
  • Ipod Unveiled

    Ipod Unveiled
    Apple presented its Ipod, which would be "1,000 songs in your pocket."
  • Apple Opens Itunes Store

    Apple Opens Itunes Store
    Software based online digital media store, a monumental addition to Apples portfolio, made possible through Apples Fairplay digital rights management. This software platform would become the largest music vendor in the world.
  • Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

    Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer
    Steve Jobs was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and would cause him to have to take leave from Apple. At first he refused any modern medical treatment, choosing to try alternative medical treatment options first. He would later have the tumor removed by surgery.
  • Disney Buys Pixar

    Disney Buys Pixar
  • Iphone Unveiled

    Iphone Unveiled
    Iphone unveiled and was exclusively tied with AT&T. The phone featured a full touch screen, getting rid of the physical keyboard, and brought forth a new mobile operating system made by Apple themselves. The Iphone would prove to be wildly successfully, still being updated today. It is the most popular phone on the market and can be seen used by millions of people every day.
  • Ipad Unveiled

    Ipad Unveiled
    The Ipad was released with early success in which its first year 19 million copies were sold and by the end of year 2, 67 million copies were sold. Steve Jobs predicted that this would bring down Pcs, and bring forth the "post-pc era".
  • Retirement from Apple

    Retirement from Apple
    Steve Jobs battling his illness retires from being CEO of Apple, and handed the reigns to Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook. Jobs said "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come,"
  • Steve Jobs Passes Away

    Steve Jobs Passes Away
    Steve Jobs passes away and is mourned and remembered as the greatest innovator of our times.