Who Was Steve Jobs

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    Who Was Steve Jobs?

  • birth & adopted

    birth & adopted
    Joanne Schieble was Steve's real mother, but Steve was adopted by Paul & Clara Jobs.
  • Mona Simpson & Patti Jobs

    Mona was his half sister and Patti was adopted.
  • Birthday present

    Birthday present
    Steve loved helping his dad work on cars, so on his 5th birthday present was his own work bench.
  • Summer job

    he got a job durring the summer for Hewlett-Packard(HP).
  • graduated high school

    graduated high school
    Steve graduated high school and started Reed College in Oregon but was a non-traditional student. He only attended classes that interested him.
  • went to work at Atari

    quit college to work for Atari to earn money for trip to India
  • started Apple Computer

    started Apple Computer
    on April Fool's Day he and Woz started Apple Computer. They picked the name because they liked to eat fruit.
  • Lisa, daughter born

    Steve's girlfriend, Chrisann, had their daughter but he didn't want to have anything to do with familyhood.
  • Apple II

    showed Apple II at west Coast Computer Faire; cost was $220 but they sold them for $500.
  • became youngest millionaire

    He was featured in Time magazine as the youngest millionaire at age 25.
  • Woz's plane crashed

    Woz's plane crashed and he took months to get better and he never returned to work fulltime.
  • Macintosh presented

    Macintosh presented
    Mackintosh was introduced to the world "for the rest of us". He chose the name Macintosh because it is a kind of apple. Steve hired John Sculley from Pepsi to give him help running the company.
  • Scully replaced Steve

    Scully replaced Steve as head of Mac so he left Apple and created NeXT. The logo cost $100,000.
  • Mother died

    Steve's mother, Clara, died and he met his sister, Mona
  • got to work with George Lucas (Pixar)

    He had admired George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, for a long time. Finally he got to work with him and Steve became owner of the company which Steve named Pixar.
  • met Laurene Powell

    He met Laurene Powell at Stanford when he was there to give a speech. Love was in the air.
  • Steve and Laurene married

    Steve and Laurene were married at Yosemite National Park and in September a baby, Reed Paul Jobs, was born.
  • Pixar losing money

    Because they were losing money, most of the Pixar staff had to be laid off.
  • father died

    Steve's father died and his daughter, Lisa, came to live with them.
  • NeXT losing money

    Now NeXT was losing money and their workers had to be laid off.
  • Toy Story opens

    finally Toy Story, a Pixar movie, opened with wonderful success!
  • Steve is billionaire

    Steve is not just a millionaire, he is now a billionaire!
  • Think Different campaign

    Steve put up signs of famous people known for doing something new. In the corner of each poster was the Apple logo and the words "think different"
  • iTunes started

    Steve started iTunes made a computer a personal jukebox
  • opened Apple stores

    Steve wanted his stores to look different. He used lots of glass and had a "genius bar" where people could get help with their computer problems.
  • iPod

    At the press event in California, Steve pulled out a device thinner than a Hershey chocolate bar and called it the iPod.
  • iPod synced with Microsoft machines

    In 2002 Steve agreed to have the Apple iPod sync with all Microsoft Window program.
  • 99Cent copies

    To make people in the music industry happier, he convinced them to charge 99 cents to download a song from iTunes
  • cancer attacks Steve

    Steve got cancer in his pancreas but put off surguey for a year while he tried changing his diet, but the cancer grew.
  • speech at Stanford graduation

    Steve gave the graduation speech at Stanford. He told the students not to waste time by living someone else's life.
  • iPhone

    Steve ntroduced the iPhone at an Apple products show. It could do so much more than other phones.
  • biography written

    Steve seemed to know he wouldn't live much longer. He asked Walter Isaacson to write his biography.
  • ipad introduced

    Steve brought out ipad which made this computer smaller, lighter, and thinnen than anything before it. It did not have outside wires and people could do many new things with it.
  • Steve died

    Steve looked at his wife, daughters, sister and his last words were "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow".