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Steve Jobs

By Djznuts
  • Birth

    Steve Jobs is born in San Francisco, California. He is later adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs.
  • Period: to

    Steve Jobs

    This timespan is from Steve Job's birth to death.
  • Meets Wozniak

    Meets Wozniak in Homestead high.
  • Reed College

    Steve attends Reed College and drops out due to guilt of wasting his parents' money.
  • Apple 1

    Steve jobs and Wozniak assemble the apple 1 in Job's parents' garage. It was a very simple computer assembled by Wozniak.
  • Apple Inc.

    Apple Inc. was officially created by Steve Jobs, Wozniak and Ron Wayne after Apple 1's successful sale
  • Apple 2

    Apple 2, one of the most successful computers ever built is prototyped Steve Wozniak. This product kept selling and supporting Apple for 15 year.
  • Daughter

    Steve Job's ex girlfriend gives birth to a baby girl, Lisa.
  • Apple 3

    Apple launches Apple 3, Apple 2's heir. The Apple 3 however was a failure, as it added very little new features, as well as adding even more problems
  • Wozniak Leaving Apple

    Wozniak officially leaves apple due to Steve Jobs not appreciating the importance of Apple 2 which was still funding 80% of the company, as Apple has not launched a successful product for years.
  • Macintosh and LIsa

    Jobs starts a project on constructing the computer Lisa, one of the first computers to have a graphical operation system. However, at the same year, Jobs is kicked out of the project and started his own project called Macintosh.
  • Jobs is Fired

    The Macintosh outsells the Lisa by alot due to cheaper prices and better product. However, both sales fell beneath expectations.
    A dispute between John Sculley, Apple's CEO and Steve Jobs, got Jobs fired.
  • NeXT

    Steve Jobs starts a computer company called next. It's worth noting that next is somewhat similar to Apple.
  • Next Computer

    In 1986, Next's first computer is released. While this computer has a beautiful design, graphics and extreme capabilities, it's price and lack of software still damaged it's sale alot.
  • Pixar

    Steve Jobs buys 80% of Pixar due to their advanced graphics and animations.
  • Portable computers

    Apple releases it's first portable computer, the mac portable. Hoever, it was a failure because the computer was way too heacy to be carried around. However, this failure gave apple lots of experience in the field of laptops.
  • Lauren Powell

    Steve Jobs meets Lauren Powell. They married after dating for 3 months.
  • Toy story and Next

    Toy story is released. This movie brought great profit for pixar, which are now able to make their own animations instead of hiring Disney. Additionally, Next has also became a software production company.
  • Apple Buys Next

    Apple, by 1996 has been failing apart. THey haven't mae any new products ince Jobs left. It wasn't going very well with next too, although they had a super powerful computer, it could do literally nothing due to lack of software. Apple needed Jobs back, so they bought down Next.
  • New logo

    Apple changes teir colorful old logol to a simple and white logo. As the new logo can express the simplicity of Apple's products.
  • Imac

    Apple introduces Imac. Not only was the computer beautifully crafted, it also included tons of different new function. For example, it was the first computer to have a USB port, a keyboard and amouse included. ALso, it was an extremely powerful, computer that was faster than any computer then.
  • Software developements

    Apple learnes from past mistakes and starts developing their own software. NOtable examples are: Imovie and garageband.
  • Ipod

    THe Ipod it born on November, 10th 2001. THis is the first digital music player ever invented, as well as Apple's first product other than computers. The Ipod turned out to be a huge success, as it made apple into the market leader for digital music players.
  • Itunes

    Apple opens the Itunes store, an online store that sells music and movies. THis was the first time that this concept of buying audio files online is invented.
  • Pancreas Cancer

    Steve Jobs is diagnosed with Pancreas cancer. However, it is a rare type of cancer that can be cured.
  • The Iphone is Introduced

    The iphone is a truely amazing device. It is the first phone ever to be able to download apps. Sales racked up quickly, making Apple one of the most successful industries in mobile phones.
  • Ipad

    The ipad is released on 2010. It contained alot of Steve job's ideas in the 80's. A computer that could operate by touch screens. It was the first tablet ever released and immediately became a success.
  • Death

    Steve Jobs dies due to postponing his surgery for 9 months. However, the advances he has made for humanity will forever live on.