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    Apple was funded in 1976 by Ron Wayne, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, all three working together at Atari in those days. The goal of their project was to create a computer that could be easily used at home or in the offices.
    (At that time computer was about the size of a whole room, so not quite that handy...)
  • First logo

    First logo
    It represents Isaac Newton's studies on gravity.
  • Ron Wayne leaves the company

    Ron Wayne leaves the company
    Just 12 days after the firs debut of Apple-I Ron Wayne decides to leave the company, probably because of Steve Jobs arrogance, and sells his part to him for 800 USD.
  • Apple I - First personal computer

    Apple I - First personal computer
    "Apple I" si the name of the first personal computer in history. Its production started in July 1977 and ended in august 1977 with a total production of roughly 200 pieces (25 unsold) at the cost of 666,66 USD.
  • Second logo

    Second logo
    This is the first logo that presents the "apple shape" that the brand still uses today which represents newton's apple.
    It's the firs coloured one and they will keep it like that until 1998.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    It's the really first successful PC and the most longevous one. It's been presented on the 16th of aprile 1977 and it's been put on sale for the first time on the 10th of June. The production was interrupted in 1993.
    The most sold version was the Apple IIe, produced from 1983 to 1993.
  • Apple III

    Apple III
    Commercialised from 1980 to 1984 the apple III was a huge fail.
    They started selling it in fall 1980 and it sold for only 4 years with many issues during that period.
    The decision not to ut a cooling fan caused 14000 computers to have overheating problems and to be sent back to the factory for repairs.
    In December 1983 they released the upgraded version "Apple III+" that solved the hardware issues but it was too late because of its bad reputation.
  • IBM personal computer

    IBM personal computer
    On this date IBM dropped their first pc and started a rivalry that would last many years.
  • Apple Lisa

    Apple Lisa
    This one was a big flop too. Someone says that the name stands for Local Integrated System Architecture others say that it's inspired to the name of Jobs daughter and the acronym came later.
    The production started in 1983 and ended in 1985.
  • Macintosh

    On this date Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh in front of a huge crowd causing great enthusiasm between the audience. It had 128 KB of RAM and it introduced the mouse for the first time to the public. It was presented as the computer for common people, not DOS users.
  • Steve Jobs out

    Steve Jobs out
    In this year Jobs was forced out of his own company because of a power struggle with the company's board and the CEO John Sculley.
    A few months later he took away some original members of macintosh.
  • NeXT

    After leaving Apple Steve decided to found a new company called NeXT together with the employs that he took from Apple.
    He wanted a new revolution in the IT environment, he had already done it with apple so he was convinced that it would be possible to do it again.
  • Pixar

    Jobs went to George Lukas and bought Pixar which was the graphic company of Lukas Films.
  • Macintosh II

    Macintosh II
    This was the firs computer to have colour graphics, commercialised until 1990.
    After the Macintosh II Apple released two other variants:
    - Macintosh SE (system expansion) 2nd March 1887
    - Macintosh LC (low cost) in fall 1990
  • Macintosh Portale

    Macintosh Portale
    They decided to give a try with a portable computer which from one side received positive opinions from the news but on the other didn't sell much because in was very heavy and too expensive.
  • PowerBook 100

    PowerBook 100
    They tried again redesigning completely the last pc and this time they managed to make it work. It had more or less the same characteristics of the previews one except for the reduced dimension and weight.
  • Quadra, Centris and Performa

    Quadra, Centris and Performa
    Between 1992 and 1994 Apple released three different models as a response to Windows 3.0 which was a great success and caused Apple to suffer hard times.
  • Jobs back in the game

    Jobs back in the game
    Apple realised that the only option they had was to buy NeXT and let Steve Jobs back in the company as CEO.
  • iMac

    In 1998 Jobs and Ive saved the future of Apple.
    The iMac had the objective to differentiate it self from the design of standard computers introducing innovative colours like lue and white instead of the classic beige. It was easy to use, it could connect to the internet and it had USB ports.
    A great success that put Apple back on top of the race.
  • iBook

    This was the first customer laptop ever created by Apple. It had a Wi-Fi card and had a handle to carry it around.
  • Mac OS X

    Mac OS X
    It was a new operative system very intuitive but at the same time too slow and didn't have many features. With its second version they managed to solve da speed problem and added more programs to the system. The Mac OS system is the same that Apple uses today in their new computers.
  • iPod

    It was easier to use than a normal MP3 player and very compact.
  • From PowerPC to Intel

    From PowerPC to Intel

    Apple once again opened the doors to the future presenting in 2007 the iPhone. The world had no idea of the impact that this invention would have had in the future of portable devices.
  • iPad

    It was designed to e a mix between an iPhone and an iMac.
  • Steve Jobs steps back

    Steve Jobs steps back
    In 2011 Jobs decides to pass his role of CEO to Tim Cook because of a cancer that had been diagnosed to him in 2004. He will keep on working at Apple until his death on 15th October 2011.
    Apple is still working today but didn't show the innovative that capacity that had back in those the days.