• First Plastic Coke Bottle Appeared

    First Plastic Coke Bottle Appeared
    Coke bottles were always glass previously to 1958
  • President Eisenhower signs NASA and Space Act

    President Eisenhower signs NASA and Space Act
    NASA uses Space Act Agreements as the primary vehicle for partnering with the external community. Space Act Agreements enable us to enter into partnerships with organizations that give us access to a wider range of technologies and capabilities that are not part of NASA's core competency. http://www.nasa.gov/open/plan/space-act.html
  • Xerox 914 is the first photocopier introduced to the commercial market.

    Xerox 914 is the first photocopier introduced to the commercial market.
    First copying process http://news.xerox.com/
  • Explorer 6 transmits 1st TV photo of Earth from space

    Explorer 6 transmits 1st TV photo of Earth from space
    Explorer 6 was launched into space to tesr a scanning device designed for photographing the Eart's cloud cover, and transmitted the first pictures of Earth from orbit http://fifties1950s.com/1959history.htm
  • The Answering Machine

    The Answering Machine
    Kazuo Hashimoto Invents the Ansafone sold in the USA as an Automatic Telephone Answering Machine. Ansafone http://sixties60s.com/1960gadgets.htm
  • TIROS-1 Weather Satellite

    TIROS-1 Weather Satellite
    The United States launches the first weather satellite, TIROS-1.
  • The Pill

    The Pill
    Enovid 10, the first birth control pill went on sale in Skokie, Ilinois for 50 cents a day which began the sexual revolution. Enovid 10 http://sixties60s.com/1960gadgets.htm
  • Seattle finishes the Space Needle

    Seattle finishes the Space Needle
    Seattle finishes the Space Needle for the 1962 World's Fair. It was the tallest structure West of the Mississippi.
  • Mariner II

    Mariner II
    Mariner II is the first interplanetary probe. It reached Venus to became the first spacecraft to return useful scientific information from another planet.
  • Telstar

    Telstar It broadcast the first satellite television broadcast. http://sixties60s.com/1962gadgets.htm
  • The 8 Track

    The 8 Track
    The 8 Track - Offically called the Stereo 8 was created and introduced in 1964 by Bill Lear of Lear Jet Corporation http://sixties60s.com/1964gadgets.htm
  • Boeing 737

    Boeing 737
    The first Boeing 737 rolls out of the production line to become the most prolific passenger jet in the world http://sixties60s.com/1967gadgets.htm
  • Emergency 911 System in place

    Emergency 911 System in place
    America's first emergency 911 system went into service in Haleyville, Alabama. Because of technical switching and phone systems not in line to government systems 911 calls did not become universal until 1981. http://sixties60s.com/1968gadgets.htm
  • Liotta-Cooley artificial heart

     Liotta-Cooley artificial heart
    After 22 successful heart transplants, when a donor heart was not available Dr Denton Cooley implanted the Liotta-Cooley artificial heart http://sixties60s.com/1969gadgets.htm
  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13
    On April 13th, two days after the NASA launcher of Apollo 13, the words from space became part of American History
  • The Nasdaq

    The Nasdaq
    New stock market index called the Nasdaq debuts.
  • The HP - 35 calculator

    The HP - 35 calculator
    The HP - 35, Hewlett Packard markets the first hand-held scientific calculator http://seventies1970s.com/1972gadgets.htm
  • Bill Gates founds Microsoft

    Bill Gates founds Microsoft
    Bill Gates founds Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • The IBM 3800 at IBM.

     The IBM 3800 at IBM.
    IBM 3800 is the first laser printer. Used for high volume banking statements and such, models very similar are still in use and marketed today.
  • Apple II computer

    Apple II computer
    The first Apple II computers go on sale. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak become super nerds of the decade. Unlike the competing Commodore PET and the Tandy TRS-80 the Apple two sported color graphics, a 5 1/4 floppy drive and an open architecture. http://seventies1970s.com/1977gadgets.htm
  • Space Shuttle

    Space Shuttle
    For the first time NASA launched and landed successfully their spacecraft called the Space Shuttle. Reference:
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    Martin Cooper, Motorola project manager, demonstrated the 1st mobile phone, the DynaTAC 8000x. Reference:
  • Apple Computer Inc.

    Apple Computer Inc.
    Apple Computers unveiled its Macintosh personal computer. This computer came with sound-sampling that could play recorded sounds. Video:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMNbMyOuJeA Reference:
  • 3-D Printer.

    3-D Printer.
    South Carolina-based 3D Systems introduced the first commercially available 3-D printer, pioneering the development of stereolithography. Reference:
  • Compact Disc

    Compact Disc
    North American Philips Company unveiled compact disc video. Reference:
  • Telescope

    Keck II became the biggest telescope in use at Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Video:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH5KDa-aIHQ Reference:
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    The world wide web is born at CERN. Reference:
  • Surveillance Drone

    Surveillance Drone
    The US Predator surveillance drone was 1st used over Bosnia. Reference:
  • DVD

    The first (digital video disk) DVD players came on the market. Reference:
  • Rechargeable Battery

    Rechargeable Battery
    The invention of a new rechargeable battery with a 50% longer life span was announced by researchers in Israel. Reference:
  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels
    At the International Space Station, astronauts begin installing solar panels on what will be the largest solar power array deployed in space. Each “wing” of the array consists of 32,800 solar cells.
  • The first hybrid car

    The first hybrid car
    Toyota released the Prius, the first hybrid four-door sedan available in the United States. Hybrid cars use a gasoline or diesel engine to power a motor. When the power of the motor is not required to move the vehicle, the motor can shut off, saving energy, or can be used to generate electricity that is stored in batteries, and later used to power the car
  • iPod 1st Generation

    iPod 1st Generation
    Apple publicly announced their portable music digital player, the ipod. Within eight months, Apple completed a prototype iPod and Apple polished the user interface adding the famous scroll wheel.
  • Camera Phones

    Camera Phones
    Introduced to the North American marketplace, an estimated 80 million camera phones were sold 6 million in the U.S. alone. By 2003 more camera phones were sold worldwide than stand-alone digital cameras.
  • iTunes store

    iTunes store
    Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO spent the previous year negotiating an unprecedented deal with all five major music labels and thousands of independents. His iTunes software, would become a gateway to the Music Store, where you could easily find and save music to your hard drive, CD or iPod music player with no subscription necessary, just 99 cents per song, or $9.99 for an album.
  • Direct Tv

    Direct Tv
    DirecTV HD DVR Rated by CNET as one of the top ten products of 2004, this TIVO device took digital video recording to the next level. The 250GB drive held 30 hours of high-def programming or 200 hours of standard TV.
  • youtube

    YouTube crated, by three former PayPal employees, YouTube was touted as a cutting-edge video sharing service.
  • The wii

    The wii
    the wii is a home video game console released by Nintendo. A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions.
  • iPhone

    Steve Jobs, CEO for Apple, Inc. to take smartphones to a higher standard. Approximately 6.4 million iPhones are active in the U.S. alone. 33.75 milliion of the devices have been sold world-wide to date.
  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle
    With the paper-like legibility of electronic ink, long battery life, and the ability to hold thousands of pages, e-book readers were already quite handy in 2008. But Amazon made them even more convenient by adding a free cellular connection for using newspapers, magazines even entire books.
  • Kinect released

    Kinect released
    Microsoft released Kinect, a motion-tracking peripheral for the Xbox console.
  • K-MAX helicopter testing

    K-MAX helicopter testing
    US military began testing Kaman K-MAX helicopters, a revolutionary new drone for its arsenal.
  • Sale of 20 year light bulb

    Sale of 20 year light bulb
    A prize-winning, super-energy-saving 10-watt LED bulb from Dutch electronics giant Philips, went on sale to coincide with Earth Day. The bulb, said to last over 20 years, has won the US Department of Energy's "Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize" and was now available from retailers for $50, down from an initial $60 price tag.