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Apple History

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    Apple History

  • Jobs and Wozniak

    Jobs and Wozniak
    Wozniak didn't have enough money to buy the CPU's so he learned to design one with Steve Jobs, and they did it in Jobs' parents garage.
  • Apple I

    Apple I
    The 16 year old Steve Jobs and the 21 year old Wozniak release the Apple I, which didn't include a keyboard or a case.
  • The Apple Logo

    The Apple Logo
    Rob Janoff created the rainbow scheme logo for Apple products.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    Wozniak had already moved on from the Apple I, since Apple was new and they didn't have much money, Jobs had to get a $250,000 loan to create a prototype of the Apple II. The Apple II also didn't include a monitor, so you would have to hook it up to your TV.
  • Apple III

    Apple III
    While the Apple II was already established as a successful business-ready platform, Apple was not content. The Apple III was designed to take on the business environment. The Apple III was the first Apple computer to come with a monitor and keyboard at the same time.
  • Apple IPO

    Apple IPO
    On December 12, 1980, Apple launched the Initial Public Offering of its stock to the investing public. When Apple went public, it generated more capital than any IPO since Ford Motor Company in 1956 and instantly created more millionaires than any company in history.
  • Apple IIc

    Apple IIc
    The Apple IIc was a better computer than the Apple III, but it was based off of the Apple II. The C stands for Compact
  • Steve Jobs leaves

    Steve Jobs leaves
    After an internal power struggle, the board of directors sided with Sculley and Jobs was stripped of all duties. Jobs, while taking the position of Chairman of the firm had no influence over Apple's direction and was forced to resign.
  • The Lisa

    The Lisa
    The Lisa was the fastest computer out there and had a starting cost of $9,995 which is present day $23,700. Because of its price, the Lisa way undersold.
  • Macintosh Enters

    Macintosh Enters
    The new and improved Apple, know as Macintosh had started creating new computers.
  • Apple IIGS

    Apple IIGS
    This was the first computer under Scully's administration, and was another remake of the Apple II. It had a starting cost of $999.
  • Mac 128k

    Mac 128k
    The first Mac computer was made, it consist of only 128 kilobyte. If you think of it this way, there are 1 million kilobytes in a gigabyte.
  • Mac Plus

    Mac Plus
    The Mac Plus was a remodel of the original Mac, and it included 1MB of storage, which is roughly one-onethousandth of a gigabyte.
  • Mac SE

    Mac SE
    The Mac SE is another remodel of the original mac, with about enough memory to hold the storage of one app on your Ipad. (if your lucky).
  • Macintosh II

    Macintosh II
    The Mac II was released on the same day as the Mac SE, but it had a lot less memory, and it was more expensive, but it did include a keyboard and mouse.
  • Mac Portable

    Mac Portable
    This was the first laptop created, and it's battery life was 1 hour, and also included 8 MB of memory. This laptop failed in the industry and was discontinued in 1991.
  • Powerbook Begins

    Powerbook Begins
    The first Powerbook called the PowerBook 150 was created, and it include 500MB of storage. Later one came many more Powerbooks.
  • Job's Back

    Job's Back
    Steve Job's comes back a CEO and creates a new store for Mac computers called the Apple Store.
  • The Comeback

    Ever since the Apple Store was created, Apple had gone in debt and hadn't created any new hardware. This was their comeback day.
  • Microsoft to the Rescue?

    Microsoft the biggest rival of Apple comes to save Apple, but do you really think they wanted to? Bill Gates, the owner of the most well-off technological company in the world, was scared that they were going to become a Monopoly and be forced to sell. Bill Gates instead, decided to give Apple $150 million to start back up and keep them running.
  • The Imac's Begin

    The Imac's Begin
    Job's had created a plan to make a desktop computer that blew anything that Microsoft had made out of the water, this is still a running line of computers today called the Imac
  • Ipod

    One October 1, 2001 Apple released the beginning of the Ipod line. This was the first portable music player created. Later came the Ipod Touch and now the Iphone.
  • Steve's Gone

    Steve's Gone
    Steven Paul Jobs, the founder of possibly the greatest company to exist died at the age of 56.