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History of the Computer

  • 50,000 BCE

    Primitive Counting

    Primitive Counting
    Counting is introduced; fingers are used for this purpose.
  • 30,000 BCE


    Paleolithic peoples notch tallies on objects in the nature world to keep track of numbers.
  • 3400 BCE

    Egyptian Invention

    Egyptian Invention
    A symbol for the number 10 is devised to facilitate counting.
  • 3000 BCE

    Appearance of the Abacus

    Appearance of the Abacus
    The abacus is created in China.
  • 1900 BCE

    Agent of Timetracking

    Agent of Timetracking
    Stonehenge is possibly used as a calendar.
  • 1350 BCE

    The First Decimal

    The First Decimal
    The Chinese introduce the decimal.
  • 260 BCE

    Base-20 System and Zero

    Base-20 System and Zero
    The Mayan civilization develop the base-20 system, thereby bringing zero into existence.
  • Baconian Cipher

    The Laconian Cipher is created, which encodes messages in A's and B's.
  • "Computer" Coined

    The term "computer," delineating one who calculated and computed instead of the present day definition of a device that computed, is first recorded.
  • Logarithms

    John Napier outlines the break-through idea of logarithms.
  • Napier's Bones

    John Napier devised a system called "Napiers Bones," which multiplied by adding numbers and divided by subtracting.
  • Mechanical Calculating Machine

    Germanys Wilhelm Schickard introduces the first known successful mechanical calculating machine, based upon the rudimentary concept thereby posed by Napier's Bones.
  • Pascaline

    The mathematician Pascal invents the Pascaline, a device capable of adding, subtracting, and carrying between digits.
  • Step Reckoner

    Leibniz devises the Step Reckoner, an invention capable of multiplying, dividing, and evaluating square roots.
  • Binary

    Leibniz outlines binary arithmetic.
  • Semaphore Line

    The semaphore line, facilitating long-distance communication, is invented by Chappe.
  • Automated Loom

    Jacquard finished the invention of an automated loom, which applies punched cards to work.
  • Proto-Telegraph

    A primitive telegraph type device is devised by Samuel Soemmering.
  • Arithometer

    Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar devised the "Arithometer," a break-through calculating machine, capable of all four operations.
  • Silicon

    Berzelius makes the discovery of silicon, the basic component of the integrated circuit used today.
  • Photograph

    Nipple takes the first recorded photograph.
  • Ohm's Law

    Ohm's law is introduced.
  • American Revelation

    Dyar becomes the first American to devise a proto-telegraph invention.
  • Telegraphs

    Pavel Schilling is the first person to send signals from a telegraph to another.
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code is devised.
  • Analytical Engine

    The Analytical Engine, the first device to apply punch cards as memory and a method of programming, is introduced.
  • Telegraphic Message

    Telegraphic Message
    Samuel Morse send the first telegraphic message: "What hath God wrought?"
  • Staffel's Calculator

    In 1845, the Staffel's calculator is demonstrated.
  • DeMorgan Transformations

    A set of logical operations, also known as DeMorgan transformations, is devised.
  • Typewriter

    Sholes obtains a patent for a break-through typewriter.
  • Tanaka Seizo-sho

    The company Tanaka Seizo-sho appears in Japan, later to become present-day Toshiba.
  • Telephone

    Bell makes the first telephone call.
  • Phonograph

    Edison introduces the first phonograph, which can record and replay sounds.
  • Commercial Electric Power Station

    The first commercial electric power station begins to operate.
  • Edison Effect

    The Edison effect is discovered.
  • Rotating Field Motor

    Tesla patents the rotating field motor, which facilitates the creation and the primitive transmission of AC power.
  • Tabulating Machine

    Tabulating Machine
    The tabulating machine is introduced.
  • Tabulating Machine Company

    Hollerith commences the Tabulating Machine Company, also known as present-day IBM.
  • Electrical Logic Circuits

    Tesla patents a very primitive form of electrical logic circuits.
  • Commercial Diode Vacuum Tubes

    Fleming fiddles with Edison's diode vacuum tubes, leading to the introduction of a more developed introduction.
  • IBM

    Present-day IBM is founded in New York.
  • Lithium Battery

    Lewis begins to experiment with the lithium battery.
  • Random Access Computer Memory

    The first random access computer memory is introduced, using electrostatic cathode-ray tubes for digital storage.
  • Magnetic Core

    Magnetic rings are used to store information through polarity.

    DYSEAC is created; it is an early machine that can spread computing.
  • Hard Disk

    A hard disk is created.
  • Atlas Supervisor

    Atlas Supervisor begins.
  • SOS

    SOS, SHARE Operating System, is created.
  • Compact Audio Cassette

    Philips created the first compact audio cassette.
  • OS/360

    OS/360 is introduced by IBM.
  • CP-40

    CP-40 appears.
  • ACP

    Airline Control Program is created by IBM.
  • AMD

    AMD, Advance Micro Devices, is created.
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency

    Advanced Research Projects Agency goes online.
  • Intel 4004

    Intel 4004 is introduced.
  • E-mail

    E-mail is introduced by Ray Tomlinson.
  • Data General RDOS

    Data General RDOS is created.
  • TCP/IP

    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) appears.
  • Developed O/S

    RSX-11D, RT-11, and Alto Os appear.
  • Hydra

    Hydra appears.
  • Intel 8086

    Intel 8086
    Intel 8086 is created.
  • New Developments in O/S Evolution

    2BSD, Apple DOS, HDOS, TRIPOS, KSOS, and MVS/System Extensions (MVS/SE) appear.
  • Motorola 68000

    The Motorola 68000 is released.
  • Intel 8088

    Intel 8088 is created.
  • iMAX

    iMAX, the O/S for Intel's iAPX 432 capability machine, appears.
  • "Internet"

    The term "Internet" is first used.
  • Domain Name System

    Domain Name System is introduced, including .com and .org.
  • Windows 1.0

    Windows 1.0
    Windows 1.0 appears.
  • OS/2 (1.0)

    OS/2 (1.0) appears.
  • Windows 2.0

    Windows 2.0
    Windows 2.0 appears.
  • Internet Worm

    Virus called Internet Worm strikes.
  • Mac OS

    Mac OS
    Mac OS (System 6) is created.
  • WWW

    World Wide Web is created.
  • New Indexing System

    Wide Area Information Server is created.
  • Windows 3.1

    Windows 3.1 is created.
  • MiniDisc

    MiniDisc is introduced.
  • Zip

    Zip drive is created.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    Windows 95 appears.
  • DVD

    DVD is created.
  • Windows NT 4.0

    Windows NT 4.0 appears.
  • CD-RW

    CD-RW is created.
  • Weblog

    The term "weblog" appears when NASA's website images go viral.
  • Intel Pentium II

    Intel Pentium II is created.
  • Google

    Google opens its first company.
  • appears.
  • Mac OS 9

    Mac OS 9 is created.
  • Windows 98

    Windows 98
    Windows 98, second edition, appears.
  • Microdrive

    Microdrive is created.
  • Holographism

    Holographic technology is introduced.
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is introduced.
  • Blu Ray

    Blu Ray
    Blu Ray is created.
  • HD-DVD

    HD-DVD is created.
  • YouTube

    YouTube is introduced.
  • Windows Vista

    Windows Vista
    Windows Vista is created.
  • World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft becomes a popular online game, gaining over 9M subscribers.
  • Dropbox

    Dropbox is created.
  • Mac OS X v10.5

    Mac OS X v10.5 is created.
  • Microsoft's Offer

    Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion.
  • Windows Home Server

    Windows Home Server is created.
  • Android 1.5

    Android 1.5
    Android 1.5 is created.
  • Windows 7

    Windows 7
    Windows 7 is created.
  • Android 2.1

    Android 2.1
    Android 2.1 appears.
  • Windows Phone 7

    Windows Phone 7 is created.
  • Windows 8

    Windows 8
    Windows 8 is created.
  • Windows 10

    Windows 10
    Windows 10 is created.
  • Android 7.0

    Android 7.0 is created.
  • Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild, Facebook, gains one billion users.