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Apple History

  • Apple Founded

    Apple Founded
    Apple was founded April 1, 1976 in Cupertino CA. The founders were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They worked in Steve Wozniak's garage, which is now considered a historic site.
  • First Product

    First Product
    The Apple I was the first Apple product sold. It was a small, personal computer. It was sold for $666.66
  • Second Product

    Second Product
    The second product Apple released was the Apple II. This product came with a keyboard, a monitor, and a cassette recorder. Though, later they changed the cassette recorder to a floppy disk.
  • First (Real) Headquarters

    First (Real) Headquarters
    Apple moved to their first real headquarters. The team was small at the time, but they needed more space to build computers. It was still in Cupertino, CA.
  • First Printer

    First Printer
    The first Apple printer, the Silentype was released for $599. It was small, and only worked with the Apple III.
  • Field Trip

    Field Trip
    Apple employees were given the opportunity to visit the Xerox Parc facilities. This was so that they could see the Xerox Alto, a computer designed with graphical user interface (GUI). This inspired Steve Jobs, since he thought that all computers would use GUI in the future.
  • The Apple III

    The Apple III
    The Apple III is released. This was the first Apple computer to be sold with a built-in floppy drive. Steve Jobs didn't want for the Apple III to have a cooling fan because they were loud and took up space, so the computer had issues with overheating.
  • Lisa Computer

    Lisa Computer
    Apple releases the Lisa computer. This was a big deal for Apple, because it was the first personal computer to be sold with GUI. There wasn't high demand for it because of the high price and limited abilities.
  • Macintosh

    Apple releases the Macintosh operating system. This was a popular because of a Super Bowl commercial; directed by Ridley Scott.
  • Steve Jobs Leaves Apple

    Steve Jobs Leaves Apple
    Steve Jobs left Apple due to people telling him he couldn't do certain things. Steve Wozniak joined him. Later on, Steve Jobs acquired a job at Pixar.
  • Macintosh Discontinued

    Macintosh Discontinued
    Macintosh 512k and the original Macintosh were discontinued. Apple creates Macintosh 512k Enhanced instead.
  • Mac II and Mac SE

    Mac II and Mac SE
    The Mac II and the Mac SE are released in 1987. They sold at a price of $6500. These computers were a big success for Apple since they got other engineers to help them out with these projects.
  • 1 Million Macs

    1 Million Macs
    By March of 1987, Apple has created 1 million Macs. This is a huge milestone for the company.
  • Apple Sues Microsoft

    Apple Sues Microsoft
    Apple decides to sue Microsoft over GUI. Both of the companies were using GUI, and since Apple did it first, they sued Microsoft for 'taking their ideas'.
  • Apple Gets Sued

    Apple Gets Sued
    Apple gets sued by The Beatles' Apples Corps and by Xerox. Once again, they both had very similar ideas. Apple lost a lot of money after this point.
  • The Mac Portable

    The Mac Portable
    Apple's first portable Mac is The Mac Portable. This was one of the first PC's that was fast and portable. This is run by an internal lead-acid gel/cell battery. It can be similarly compared to a car battery.
  • The Powerbook 100

    The Powerbook 100
    The Powerbook was 100 was another one of Apple's portable PCs. Its design is very similar to modern laptops. It weighed 17 pounds and had a 12-hour battery life.
  • System 7

    System 7
    System 7 was an improved system which brought new features and added color to the interface. It required a hard drive because it was so large. It came with things such as HyperCard, ClarisWorks, Power Pete, Mac-Chess, and Netscape. PowerPC Macintoshes included Graphing Calculator.
  • The Newton MessagePad

    The Newton MessagePad
    The Newton MessagePad was Apple's first touchscreen, handheld device, though it was a flop. It was meant to resemble a notepad, but people just didn't think it was very useful.
  • Jobs Returns

    Jobs Returns
    Steve Jobs returns to Apple as the interim CEO. Apple was at a low financial point, so he had big plan's for it's future. Eventually Jobs would become the CEO.
  • iMac

    The iMac was released in 1998 for $1,299. It was a commonly used desktop computer with a 15-inch built-in monitor. It also came with a nice case. This is also the product which started Apple's 'i' trend.
  • The iPod

    The iPod
    The iPod was launched the first iPod in October of 2001. It was a small white box that stored 5GB of music. It wasn't popular until 2004.
  • Steve Jobs Overcoming Cancer

    Steve Jobs Overcoming Cancer
    Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreas cancer in 2003. In 2004, he had a successful surgery to remove the tumor.
  • Apple Changes Names

    Apple Changes Names
    Apple changed it's name from Apple Computers Inc. to Apple Inc. They did this because computers weren't their main focus- they had many different technologies other than computers at this point.
  • The iPhone

    The iPhone
    The first iPhone was announced on January 9th, 2007. This was Apple's first phone, and the start of a new era for technology.