Mountain dew

Mountain Dew History

  • Start of Mountain Dew

    Ally and Barney Hartman ran a bottling plant in Knoxville, and made a lithiated lemon drink mix for hard liquor. They jokingly called it "Mountain Dew" after Tennessee Mountain Moonshine. In the 1940's.
  • Period: to

    Mountain Dew History

  • Beverage Convention

    They took their prototype beverage to a convention in Gatlinburg. They met Charlie Gordan of Tri-City beverage there.
  • Trademark

    They filed for a trademark and ahd the label re-done by John Brichett.
  • The first bottle

    The first ACL bottle of Mountain Dew was made, it was a green bottle with white paint.
  • First Beverage bottled

    Charlie Gorden bottles teh first beverage.
  • Formula Change

    Bill Jones teh new owner changed the Mountain Dew formula by adding more sugar, caffine, and orange flavor.
  • Pepsi takes over

    Mountain Dew is sold over the the Pepsi-Cola corperation.
  • Yahoo!

    Mountain Dew's first campaign! "Ya-Hoo Mountain Dew. It'll tickle yore innards"
  • TV ad

    Ads begin to introduce Mountain Dew's new theme, "Hello, Sunshine. Hello, Mountain Dew."
  • New Slogan

    New slogan, "Reach for the sun. Reach for Mountain Dew."
  • Diet Dew

    Pepsi introduces diet Mountain Dew.
  • Do the DEW

    Do the DEW tagline is introduced.
  • New Dews!

    Release of AMP, Mountain Dew code red, and Mountain Dew code red diet.
  • Some more new DEW

    Release of Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Mountain Dew Livewire, and Mountain Dew Pitch Black.
  • Super Cans!

    Mountain Dew releases Mtn Dew Green Label bottle series one and two.