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Action Research Project

By marcipe
  • Overview of Action Research

    Select a topic for which to complete research.
  • Set up timeline for research

    Finalize topic of research; select critical friends; think aloud, how will this project help? who will it benefit?
  • Examine research direction with critical friends

    Begin to delve into literature about research project; discuss with critical friends; what is shaping the literature review
  • Literature Review

    Begin to nail down literature review; what is the official statement; how is research going to define the problem; how are critical friends helping.
  • Cycle 1

    Set up Cycle 1; how is Cycle 1 going to be implemented?
  • Cycle 1 continuing

    How is Cycle 1 working? What problems or glitches have befallen the project?
  • End of Cycle 1

    End of Cycle 1 projected. Was Cycle 1 successful? Are there any adjustments to be made to Cycle 2?
  • Cycle 2

    Set up and run Cycle 2, making any adjustments.
  • Run and Complete Cycle 2

    Cycle 2 scheduled to be completed in March.
  • Refine Action Research posting

    Complete final revision to postings and write-ups for Cycle 2.
  • Compile Action Research into a cohesive unit

    Finalize Literature Review; complete data; complete analysis
  • Final presentation of Action Research Project

    Final presentation of Action Research Projcct.