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History of Animation

  • A invention that helped create animation

    Joseph Plateau invented the phenakistoscope in 1826, which was another invention that helped animation come "alive". This invention, so to speak, was a circular card with slits aroud the edges and pictures around the cirumference. When the person spinning it looked through the slits in the mirror, they saw a series of images resulting in a moving object. That is how the phenakistoscope worked.
  • The Steps to animation

    The Steps to animation
    Click here for more informationIn 1828, a frenchman by the name of Paul Roget invented the thaumatrope, which was a disc with a string or peg attached to one side. The first side of the disc had a picture of a bird, and on the other side was a empty bird cage. When it was spun the bird was inside the cage. This project demonstrated that the eye retains images when a series of pictures is shown one at a time. This was one of the numerous steps to animation.