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  • The Puritans settle in Massachusetts Bay Colony

    They joined other people from England and the New England company
  • The breadbaskets colonies

    In the middle alantic colonies while people where building stuff some wemon made breadbaskets for the people that made some the buildings that they were building
  • King Philip's War began

    Some settlers moved beyond the Massachusetts Bay some of them tryed to make peace with some of the other colonys.
  • The French and Indian War began

    About 1750 the french moved near the Ohio Valley to help make it the Valley stronger.
  • The Sugar Act

    The suger Act added tax to the sugar and other goods coming to the colonies from other places from over the world and the tax on the goods and on the sugar made the colobists angry.
  • The stamp Act is passeed

    Less than a year the suger act became a law one of the taxes was on stuff like newspapers,pamphlets,almanacs,some documents,some policies,people licenses,and some playing cards.
  • The Boston Tea Party takes place.

    They were forced to drink british tea. Some of the colonists did some of them refused so they took boxes of british tea and dumped it in to the harbor and they dressed up as native americans.
  • The American Revolution War begins

    The congress said to some of the colonists that they have set a deadline on May 10,1775 for the parliment to respond to the head petition.
  • The battle of Bunker Hill

    Some colonists started to bild new earthworks on the place called Breeds,Hill near the Charles River from Boston a lot of people died and some helped save there town and life.
  • Independence Is Declareed

    From January 1776 pain published a pamplet called Common Sense. Then is book questioned a king the rights of an king rulling over anyone.
  • The Declarition of Independence is signed

    They put a bell on top of the Independence hall and it was ment to call the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading from the Declarition of Independence
  • women and the war

    1780 they started the philadeda opened the association to help the continetal army.
  • The British surender at Yorktown,in Virginia

    British armys lead by Charles O, Hara marchedn in lines with army
  • Effects of the war

    Most people in the U.S.A. would be in less witch was the reagion wotch was the appalachian.