Secret Garden

  • Secret Garden

    Secret Garden
    Dutch Fork has an amazing area where once beautiful flowers bloomed year round. Children and teachers used this area to read, write, and learn. Kindergarten and First Grade teachers got together and talked about "reviving" this once Secret Garden.
  • Sketching a Plan for the Garden

    Sketching a Plan for the Garden
    Kindergartners from Mrs. Doremus' class and First graders from Mrs. Perkins' class went out to sketch what they thought the garden should look like.
  • Major Clean-up!

    Major Clean-up!
    A note was sent home to parents of Kindergartners and First graders asking for volunteers to help with cleaning up overgrowth and weeds that had taken over the area.
  • Visiting Woodleys Garden Center

    Visiting Woodleys Garden Center
    On Friday, May 7th, Mrs. Perkins met with David at Woodleys Garden Center to draw up a planting plan for our Secret Garden.
  • Planting the Window Boxes

    Planting the Window Boxes
    The children in Mrs. Doremus' and Mrs. Spotts' class planted colorful flowers to flower boxes. The 9 new flower boxes were then displayed to the windows facing the courtyard!