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    The band muse. Created in 1992 and is still creating music.
  • Showbiz

    Muse released their first full length album.
  • Origin of Symmetry

    Origin of Symmetry
    Muse released their album Origin of Symmetry
  • Absolution

    Muse released their 3rd album
  • 2003

    Muse released Hullabaloo soundtrack.
  • Mod Club Theatre

    Mod Club Theatre
    Muse plays at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto.
  • Black Holes and Revelations

    Black Holes and Revelations
    Released Black Holes and Revelations
  • BBC

    Featured of BBC.
  • Reading and Leeds Festival

    Reading and Leeds Festival
    Muse performed on their tour for Black Holes and Revalations.
  • Their biggest gig

    Muse performed possibly their biggest gig at Wembley Stadium

    Muse released their album HAARP
  • Honary Decorate

    All the band members recieve an Honary Decorate from University of Plymouth.
  • The Resistance

    The Resistance
    Muse Released their most recent album, The Resistance.
  • National Indoor Arena

    National Indoor Arena
    Muse performs in the National Indoor Arena
  • North American Tour

    They start their knew tour.