Alpha Kappa Alpha

  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    First meeting of the Sorority takes place. It is given a name – Alpha Kappa Alpha – and a motto, “By
    Culture and By Merit.” The colors, apple green and salmon pink, are chosen
  • Period: to

    The Beginning

  • Sophmores

    Seven sophomores are invited to join the Sorority. Alpha Kappa Alpha now has 16 members, who will
    come to be known as the Founders.
  • Steady Growth

    Alpha Kappa Alpha (Alpha Chapter) exists solely on the Howard University campus and experiences
    steady growth.
  • National Negro Council of Colored Women

    The National Urban League is formed in New York City, born of a merger of the National League for the
    Protection of Colored Women, National League on Urban Conditions Among Negroes and the Niagara
  • 1st Ritual

    1st Ritual
    In Miner Hall, Alpha Kappa Alpha’s first ritualistic initiation is held. The new members are Ella Albert
    Brown, Mary Clifford, Lena Jenkins, Mable Gibson, Ruth Gilbert and Nellie Pratt Russell.

    Following concern over American race relations, which was heightened by the 1908 Illinois race riots,
    Black and white progressives and intellectuals convene in New York City to discuss the issue, resulting
    in formation of the NAACP.
  • GrandFather Clauses

    The U.S. Supreme Court hands down a decision that declares "grandfather clauses," used by Southern
    states to disenfranchise Blacks, to be unconstitutional.
  • Civil Rights

    The D.W. Griffith film, Birth of a Nation, sparks opposition from civil rights groups for its racist portrayal
    of Blacks in the Reconstructionist South. The outcry includes a commitment by Black businessmen to
    finance the emerging African American film industry.
  • 1st Boule

    1st Boule
    Alpha Kappa Alpha’s total membership approaches 200. Average member age is 25.
    1st Boule/national convention is held in Washington, DC at Howard University; hosted by Alpha
    Chapter, delegates, visitors and hostesses total fewer than 50; not largely attended by members
    outside of DC; banquet is held in Alpha Chapter House on Howard’s campus.
  • 2nd Boule

    2nd Boule
    2nd Boule; Chicago, IL; War Camp Community Center – Alpha Kappa Alpha effectively begins to
    function as a national organization and members become more deeply appreciative of their challenges
    and their opportunities. The total capital of the Sorority is $50.
  • 4th Boule

    4th Boule
    4th Boule; Indianapolis, IN; YWCA Recreation Center – An action program to be implemented on a
    national scale is adopted, as is Founders Week—a set-aside period each January to commemorate the
    Sorority’s founding with a program of African American history, literature, music or art, that promotes
    and increases race consciousness. The first issue of the Ivy Leaf, the official journal of Alpha Kappa
    Alpha, is introduced. In addition to serving as medium of exchange for news and information about

    Rho Chapter, UC Berkeley, is the first undergraduate chapter chartered on the West Coast.
    National programming is advanced by the call for chapters to perform annually at least “one act of
    Christian, social or civic service” for their community.
    5th Boule; Kansas City, MO; Lincoln High School – The budget system is adopted; sound operational
    procedures which characterize the administrative machinery of the organization are formalized.
    Graduate chapter names will now end with the letter “Omega.”
  • Doing Big Things

    Doing Big Things
    The first graduate chapter on the West Coast, Alpha Gamma Omega Chapter, is chartered in Los
    10th Boule; Cleveland, OH; St. James AME Church – Thirty-six (36) chapters are represented. The
    National Program Committee report is adopted, establishing chapter observance of Founders’ Day in
    January. The Sorority endorses the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History and pledges a
    drive for 100% individual membership.
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial
    We made 100yrs of sisterhood and service!!