The Life of Sacajawea

  • Sacajawea's Birth

    Sacajawea's Birth
    The actually date of Sacajawea's birth is unknown, all but the year. The picture here is of the Shoshone tribe. This is because Sacajawea was the daughter of the Chief, and the tribe quickly welcomed her birth.
  • Period: to

    Sacajawea's Lifespan

  • Sacajawea is promised in trade to a man in the tribe

    Sacajawea is promised in trade to a man in the tribe
    Again, the exsact date is unknown. But a man, who the Chief was unfound of, offered a wonderful horse is trade for Sacajawea as his squaw, or servent. (Most women were used in this way) The Chief had a weakness for horses, and agreed to the trade. It would be occuring in the next year.
  • Kidnapped by Minnetarees

    Kidnapped by Minnetarees
    When Sacagawea was about twelve, a group of Minnetarees kidnapped her and several other women and killed her father, the chief. She was then taken to live with their tribe. Her friends escaped.
  • Taken as a squaw

    Taken as a squaw
    A French trapper, by the name of Toussaint Charbonneau, visited the camp one day. He was a trader, and decided that once he spotted Sacagawea and saw how hard she worked, that she would make a good squaw. He traded for her, and took her back to his home where his other squaw, Otter Women, was working as well.
  • Meeting Lewis and Clark

    Meeting Lewis and Clark
    Lewis and Clark, in a boat full of their men, came sailing down the river. They stopped at the village, and met Charbonneu and Sacagawea. Then, realizing that Sacagawea could speak Shoshone, decided to hire her and take her along, as well as her husband.
  • Pomp's birth

    Pomp's birth
    On this exsact day, Sacagawea's first son was born. She called him pomp or pompy, her husband called him baptiste, and Captain calrk called him his 'little dancing boy'.
  • Beginning the journey

    Beginning the journey
    At some time during April, the crew set out and began the journey. They headed up the missouri river, even though the current was pulling against them.
  • Saving needed equiptment

    Saving needed equiptment
    Sacagawea quickly swam to gather needed articles of work such as journals and other equiptment on a capsized boat. If she had failed to do this, the expedition would have either ended or not have been recorded.
  • Naming of the Sacagawea River

    Naming of the Sacagawea River
    The Sacagawea River was named for her heroic efforts when hte boat was capsized.
  • The first meeting of Shoshone indians

    The first meeting of Shoshone indians
    For the first time, Sacagawea and the expedition met a group of Native Americans. Sacagawea interpereted for Clark and Lewis, but then discovered that the chief was her brother, Cameahwait. There was a happy reunion, and Sacagawea was able to buy horses for the crew.
  • Reaching the Pacific Ocean

    Reaching the Pacific Ocean
    They rqeached the Pacif Ocean after a long exploration through mountains and valleys, but now the expedition was over. All that was needed now was to return home. hey decided on a good palce ot build a fort, and then, Sacagawea saw the ocean for the first time, as well as a beached whale.
  • Reaching St. Louis

    Reaching St. Louis
    At last they reached home ,and the journey was over. It took about two eyars for the edpedition, but it was all worth it.
  • Sacagawea's Death

    Sacagawea's Death
    Though it is unsure of how she died, there are many theories but no one is quite sure on exsactly how.