U.S. Hurricane Timeline from 1960 to 2008

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    United States Hurricanes 1960 to Present

  • Hurricane Donna

    Source: Raptureme.com Hurricane Donna sliced an erratic path from the Caribbean, through the Florida Keys, into the Gulf of Mexico, back to and over Florida before heading up the Atlantic coast to North Carolina, New England, and completing her journey at Long Island, New York. Her peak winds of 200 mph and 13-foot storm surge claimed the lives of 50 people while causing more than one billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane CARLA

    Hurricane Carla, the most powerful storm to strike Texas in more than 40 years, brought winds of 170 mph, storm surge waves of at least eighteen-feet, and caused 408 million dollars in damage, killing 43 people.
  • Hurricane Dora

    Hurricane Dora swept through the Northeastern coast of Florida, just weeks after Cleo had subsided, with wind gusts of 125 mph and a twelve-foot storm surge.
  • Hurricane Betsy

    Hurricane Betsy, a category 3 storm, struck southern Florida and Louisiana. This area of the United States will enjoy relative calmness before the devastating storm of Andrew in 1992.
  • Hurricane Inez

    Hurricane Inez, also known as “The Crazy One,” carves it’s category 3, 190 mph path, from the Caribbean to Florida, and then to Mexico, producing millions of dollars of damage and claiming the lives of 1,500 people.
  • Hurricane Beulah

    Hurricane Beulah was a category 4 storm that hit Texas, producing a record 150 tornadoes after making landfall.
  • Hurricane Camille

    Hurricane Camille, a category 5 hurricane, came ashore over Gulfport, Mississippi with winds of 180 mph and a record storm surge of more than 24 feet. The combination of winds, surges, and rain killed more than 250 people and caused almost 1.5 billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Celia

    Hurricane Celia, a category 3 hurricane, hit the Corpus Christi area with winds as high as 180 mph. Eleven people were killed, 466 were injured, and the damage is recorded as 453 billion dollars.
  • Hurricane Agnes

    Hurricane Agnes hits the Florida panhandle, moves into Georgia and heads north to New York. Although a minimal category 1 hurricane, the widespread severe flooding from Virginia northward to New York caused 2.1 billion dollars in damage and killed 122 people.
  • Hurrricane Eloise

    Hurricane Eloise, a category 3 hurricane, produces a storm surge as high as 16 feet along the Florida Coast causing about 1 billion dollars in damage and killing 21 people.
  • Hurricane David

    Hurricane David, a powerful category 5 hurricane, rips through the Caribbean before striking the coast of Georgia, and producing tornadoes as far away as Long Island. Damage was estimated at 320 million dollars. Two-thousand people lost their lives to this storm.
  • Hurricane Frederick

    Hurricane Frederick slammed into the Mobile Bay in Alabama after gaining strength while over Hispanola and Cuba, causing 3.5 billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Allen

    Hurricane Allen, a category 5 hurricane, is ranked as one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. Allen’s eye didn’t touch land from the time it crossed the Windward Islands, including St. Lucia, until it came ashore near Port Mansfield, Texas. Allen caused 2.6 billion dollars and killed 274 people.
  • Hurricane Elena

    Hurricane Elena, a category 3 hurricane, smashes into Biloxi Mississippi causing 1.25 billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Gloria

    Hurricane Gloria, a category 3 hurricane, made landfall on the coast of North Carolina before moving northward up the East Coast, causing 900 million dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Hugo

    Hurricane Hugo, a category 5 hurricane, carved its path from the Caribbean until it made a direct hit on Charleston, South Carolina. Its 20 foot storm surge and 160 mph winds caused an estimated 7 billion dollars in damage, and claimed 50 lives in the United States, the Caribbean, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Hurricane Andrew

    Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane, devastates South Florida with winds of 165 mph, causing 30 billion dollars in damage and claiming 26 lives in the United States and the Bahamas.
  • Hurricane Iniki

    Hurricane Iniki, a category 4 hurricane, hits Kauai, Hawaii, causing 1.8 billion dollars in damage and killing 6 people.
  • Hurricane Gordon

    Hurricane Gordon weaves its erratic path from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Florida before making landfall in North Carolina and turning back on Florida. The storm left 1,145 people dead and caused 400 million dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Opal

    August – October 1995 – With 19 storms on record, this season goes down as the second-busiest storm season on record (2nd to the 21 recorded in 1933). Of note is Hurricane Opal, a category 3 hurricane that came ashore in Pensacola, Florida causing an estimated 3 billion dollars in damage.
  • Six hurricanes reach category 3 or higher from August to October

    After the 1995 season, it was thought that 1996 could not be as bad, but as it turns out, it was even worse. Six hurricanes reached a category 3 or higher, causing 4.1 billion dollars in damage and killing 147 people in the United States, Mexico , Central America, and the Caribbean islands.
  • Hurricane Floyd

    Hurricane Floyd caused the largest peacetime evacuation in history, with 3 million people fleeing from South Florida to North Carolina. The death toll was nearly 80 people, mostly from the storm-produced floods, and damage is estimated at 6 billion dollars.
  • Hurricane Lili

    Hurricane Lili, a category 4 hurricane, kills 14 people and causes widespread damage across the Caribbean and into Louisiana.
  • Hurricane Isabel

    Hurricane Isabel was able to stay at the highest level a hurricane can reach for over 30 hours, making it one of the longest lasting category 5 storms on record. Isabel struck North Carolina causing 16 deaths and 3.4 billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Charley

    Hurricane Charley, a rapidly intensifying category 4 storm, devastated Port Charlotte, Florida, killing 35 people and causing 14 billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Frances

    Hurricane Frances, a category 4 hurricane, moved slowly across the Florida Peninsula for more than 24 hours during Labor Day weekend. Frances forced the evacuation of 2.8 million people, spawned 75 tornadoes, caused 9 billion dollars in damage, and left 49 dead.
  • Hurricane Ivan

    Category 5 Hurricane Ivan was responsible for 124 deaths throughout the Caribbean and Eastern United States. Damage was estimated at 14.2 billion dollars.
  • Hurricane Dennis

    Hurricane Dennis, just missing a category 5 strength with 150 mph winds, causes damage up to 2.5 billion dollars and claims 32 lives. Cienfuegos, Cuba bears the brunt of its assault, but Dennis brought heavy wind and rain to Jamaica, the Caymans, and Hispanola, before eventually making landfall near Pensacola Florida.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina crosses over Florida as a minimal category 1 hurricane before gaining category 5 strength in the Gulf of Mexico. While gaining her strength, Katrina stuck Buras, Louisiana with 140 mph winds and then near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi with 135 mph winds. Storm surges reached 27 feet and winds as high as 90 mph were felt as far east as Mobile, Alabama, which experienced its worst flooding in 90 years.Experts estimate the total cost of the storm could reach 200 billion dollars.
  • Hurricane Rita

    Hurricane Rita, following a similar track as Katrina, reached category 5 strength before making landfall on the Texas/Louisiana border. Damage estimates are currently at 6 billion dollars. Fifty-four people were killed as a direct result of the storm, and another 107 deaths from those trying to flee the storm.
  • Hurricane Wilma

    Hurricane Wilma was the 4th category 5 hurricane to form in this season, and gradually decreased to a strong category 4 storm before striking Cozumel, Mexico. It moved over southern Florida with category 3 winds. Wilma devastated the east coast of southern Florida. Waves as high as 45 feet battered Havana, Cuba. Wilma claimed the lives of 48 people from Florida to Haiti, causing an estimated damage of 10 billion dollars.
  • Hurricane Humberto

    Humberto reaches hurricane strength just before making landfall in northern Texas and only eleven hours after being named a tropical storm.
  • Hurricane Ike

    Hurricane Ike brings destruction to Cuba making landfall on both the eastern and western ends of the island. It crosses the Gulf of Mexico and then hits Galveston.