Carolyn Jessop: Life in the FLDS

  • Birth of an ordinary fundamentalist girl

    Carolyn Jessop was born Carolyn Blackmore to Nurylon and Aurthor Blackmore in Hildale, Utah.
  • Moving

    In the year of 1973 the Blackmore family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Carolyn's first memories were of here. THey had a TV, even though it was against their religion.
  • Another Move

    Another Move
    This is the year Aurthur decided they needed to move to Colorado City, Arizona so Linda (Carolyn's older sister) could attend a school with FLDS teachers. He added an addition to the house so they could have more room than they did in Salt Lake City. Nurylon began to show symptoms of depression and would sleep long after she should have been awake.
  • School Starts

    Helping Hands song
    Carolyn was six and a half years old when she finallly was allowed to attend the first grade. The FLDS doesn't have kindergarten becfause they believe children are better off learning obiedience with their mothers for another year. School terrified her because children were beaten regularly and everyone was mean. However, Laura was in her class and she loved to learn.
  • Linda Flees

    Linda Flees
    While I do not have the exact date, sometime in the summer of 1981 or 1982 Linda, Carolyn's older sister, escaped. She was terrified she would become the fifth wife of a very old man and no one would stop it if the prophet declared it to be. She and her friend left with complete strangers because they were that scared of their fate.
  • Graduation

    Carolyn graduated a year early with flying colors.
  • Marriage

    Carolyn was woken up at two in the morning and told she would marry Merril Jessop in two days. Her family never let her out of their sight until she stood at the alter and said, "I do".
  • Period: to


    Betty Jessop's return to the FLDSTime she was a mother in the FLDS. She had 8 children over this span.
  • Escape

    Carolyn grabbed all of her kids late at night, put them in the van and took off. Meril was out of town and the other wives called him immediately. Her younger brother Arthur helped her get to Salt Lake City.
  • Safety

    Carolyn received a warrent protecting herself and her children from Merril...however, they could still watch her everywhere she went.
  • Custody

    Child Brides articlesCarolyn Jessop won custody of her children on this day.
  • Brian

    Carolyn met Brian, who is Jewish, in 2004. They are happily dating and he is kind to all of her children.
  • Escape with Palmer

    Escape with Palmer
    Carolyn's book, Escape, is published. Laura Palmer helped her to write it.
  • Speaking

    SpeakCarolyn tours the country speaking about her experience. She still has time for her children's karate, which they excel at.