5 significant inventions in computer history for the decade

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    Invention timeline

  • Camera

    It was invented innitially by Johann Zahn and little progress was made with it during the time. However, Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first ever picter. They were both given credit to inventing the camera. First step to creating pitctures.
  • Babbage Difference Engine

    Babbage Difference Engine
    This is the first created computer. It was invented by Charles Babbage who was a mathematician, philosopher, and inventor. This computer weighed over 700 pounds and used vacuum tubes. Start to historical evolution of computers.
  • Telegraph

    It was invented by Samuel Morse. The telegraph revolutionized long-distance communication. The first message was "What hath God wrought?".
  • First telephone

    First telephone
    The first phone was invented in 1876 by a man named Alexander Graham Bell. It was previously known as Bell's box telephone. It was the first type of telephone to ever be on sale. Start to telecommunication.
  • Phonograph

    The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison. This machine would be able to transcribe telegraphic messages through indentations on paper tape. This could then be used later for the telegraph.