5 Important Events in Education Equality

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In History
  • Common Schools Movement

    Common Schools Movement
    Horace Mann's Common Schools Movement, provided access to a public education which was funded by the state. Children now had the opportunity to get an education for free. This was the great equalizer in society. Everyone was given a fair shake in the world no matter the socio-economic roots of a child. Schools and teachers were given a sweeping foundation to build a curriculum upon.
  • Measurement Movement

    Measurement Movement
    The Measurement Movement provided a measuring point for a child's intelligence, represented by an I.Q. Score. This allowed teachers and professionals to gauge which students needed extra help in particular courses or in general. This would help determine whether or not some children would eventually need special education and raised awareness that not all children learned at the same speed or in the same manner.
  • Brown V. Board of Education

    Brown V. Board of Education
    'Brown V. Board of Education' broke down the walls or at least began the process, of desegregation in schools. Prior to this, schools were segregated based on race. Black children could not attend the same schools as white children. Quality education should be available to any child no matter, sex, race, disability, or socioeconomic level. Education won a victory in equality during this event.
  • Head Start Program

    Head Start Program
    There was a time when preschool was not available to families who could not afford it. The Head Start Program, established in 1965, changed this. Children who come from families who can't afford preschool now had the same opportunities to begin their education, just the same as those who came from more privileged and well off families. Children who considered special needs children can receive the extra help and attention they need. This passed during the war against poverty.
  • Individual With Disabilities Act (IDEA)

    Individual With Disabilities Act (IDEA)
    The Individuals With Disabilities Act was a law made to make schools provide a education to children with disabilities. Children with disabilities require an education just like any other child. There are certain services and therapies that are greatly beneficial to these children. With this law, funding could be allocated to provide for services and equipment needed to best serve these children, along with having trained staff and educators.