5 Bigfoot Sightings

  • The Bigfoot Walk

    The Bigfoot Walk
    Arguably the most famous Bigfoot footage is the 1967 film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Northern California.
  • The Foot

    The Foot
    Locals in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, saw a footprint measuring 17.75 inches found near a home. According to the Associated Press, there were also reports of strange noises and an unusual odor in the area.
  • Forest Patrol

    Forest Patrol
    Former U.S. Forest patrolman Paul Freeman claimed he saw a family of bigfoots in Washington’s Blue Mountains.
  • Bigfoot at Night

    Bigfoot at Night
    A hunter named Rick Jacobs captured some of the most famous bigfoot images to date with a camera mounted to a tree in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest.
  • Bigfoot on the Trail

    Bigfoot on the Trail
    In October of 2012, a group of siblings hiking in Provo Canyon thought they spotted a bear in the woods and started filming. When the creature stood up on two legs, the hikers ran away only to capture this picture in the ending of the shaky video.