civil war in texas

  • south carolina seecedes from the union

  • Period: to

    civil war in texas

  • 10 more states seecede including texas

  • seeceded states create there own government

  • lincoln becomes president

  • attack on fort.Sumter

    attack on fort.Sumter
  • Kentucky Delaware missiouri maryland (slave states) join the union

  • Blockades become more effective between union and confederacy

  • confederacy began making better efforts to send food and supplies

  • first battle of bullrun

    first battle of bullrun
  • texas rangers are created

    texas rangers are created
  • general jackson defeats union forces, forcing them to retreat and protect washington D.c

  • confederacy almost defeats the union but fell to the hands of ulyssess s. Grant

  • Battle of nueces

  • us navy bombards corpis christi

  • Union begins to create a big toll of damage in texas

  • battle at fredricksburg

    battle at fredricksburg
  • Emancipation proclomation is forced by president lincoln (freeing all slaves)

    Emancipation proclomation is forced by president lincoln (freeing all slaves)
  • black codes are created

    black codes are created
  • tide starts to turn on confederacy

  • Abraham lincoln is re-elected

    Abraham lincoln is re-elected
  • President lincoln is assasinated

  • civil war ends and union has won

  • battle of summit point last battle of the civil war

  • reconstrution begins new president elected

  • civil war is over union has won