First world war

  • The Central Powers -Germany-

    -German industry had overtaken Britanin´s and was second in the world only to that of the USA.
    -The Germans had establish two colonies in Africa,but they wanted more.
    -Germany was also concerned by the huge build-up of arms, especially in Rusia,and was itself up a vast army.
    -In the 1890s the Kaiser ordered the building of a large navy,which soon became the world´s second most powerful
  • Austria-Hungary

    -Austria-Hungary was a sprawling empire in central Europe.It was made up of people of different ethnic groups:Germans,Czechs,Slovaks,Serbs and many others.Each group had its own customs and language.Many others groups wanted independence from Austria-Hungary- .Austria Hungary also faced problems from neighbouring states:
    .Serbia was becoming a powerful force in the Balkans.Austria was very anxious that it should not become any stronger.
    .Russia supported the Serbs, and had a very strong army.
  • Italy

    Italy wanted to set up colonies and build up an overseas empire.Italy joined Germany and Austria in the Triple Allience.Italy was not a strong industrial or military power.
  • France

    France had been defeated by Germany in a short war. Germany had built up a powerful army and strong industries.It had an ambitious leader in Kaiser Wilhelm. France was worried about the groing power of Germany, so the French had also built up their industries and armies.
    The main concerns of France were:
    -To protect against attack Germany
    -To get back rich industrial region of Alsace-Lorraine.
  • Prussian War

    Germany V France. Alsace and Lonraile.
  • The tensio builds, 1900-1914 Anglo-Germany naval rivarly

    One of the most significant causes of tension in Europe was the naval rivarly which developed in 1900. the situation began to change in 1898 when the new Kaiser, Wilhelm, announced his intention to build a powerful Germany navy.Germany´s navy was much smaller than Britain´s.Germany didn´t have much of an empire. The Kaiser
    and his admiral felt Germany needed a navy to protect its growing trade. They felt that the British were overreacting to the German naval plans.
  • The Balkans: the spark that lit the bonifire.

    Austria took over the provinces of Bosnia.Russia and Servia protested, but they backed down when Germany made it clear that it supported Austria. Neither Russia nor Servia was prepared to risk war with Germany over this issue.However, there were some serious consequenses.Austria now felt confident that Germany would back it in future disputes.
  • Outbreaks of WWI

    -Moving and positioning trops
    -Recruiting trops
    -Manufacturing arms
    -Diggin trenches -Naval race WWI (1914-1918)
    -Imperialism STALEMATE
    -Ntework of Alliances -No real fighting

    -Militarism -Moving and positioning troops

    .Unrest in the Baulkus

    -Chaotic situation un Europe
  • Causes of the First World War

    -Killing in Sarajevo.
    -Uncertaunty about the British side.
    -Annexation of Servia to Austria-Hangarian Empire.
  • Great War

    Germany V France
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution (1917)
    Russia out of the war. USA get into the war
  • Peace

    Peace talks in Paris. to ensure peace.
  • 1919

    -Recover lost territories
    -Protect France from Germany
    -Prevenge "To cupple Germany"