Human Genome Project

  • Beginning

    DOE and NIH present joint 5-year U.S. HGP plan to Congress & the 15-year project formally begins.
    Projects begun to mark gene sites on chromosome maps as sites of mRNA expression
  • Period: to

    Human Genome Project

  • When published

    Low-resolution genetic linkage map of entire human genome published
  • New goal

    DOE and NIH revise 5-year goals
    IOM releases U.S. HGP-funded report, "Assessing Genetic Risks."
  • Achieved Goal After 1 year

    Genetic-mapping 5-year goal achieved 1 year ahead of schedule.
    Completion of second-generation DNA clone libraries representing each human chromosome by LLNL and LBNL.
    Genetic Privacy Act, first U.S. HGP legislative product, proposed to regulate collection, analysis, storage, and use of DNA samples and genetic information obtained from them; endorsed by ELSI Working Group.
  • Chromosones published

    Moderate-resolution maps of chromosomes 3, 11, 12, and 22 maps published.
    Physical map with over 15,000 STS markers published.
  • New Life

    Methanococcus jannaschii genome sequenced; confirms existence of third major branch of life on earth.
    Health Care Portability and Accountability Act prohibits use of genetic information in certain health-insurance eligibility decisions, requires DHHS to enforce health-information privacy provisions.
    Sequence of the human T-cell receptor region completed.

    NIH NCHGR becomes National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).
    High-resolution physical maps of chromosomes X and 7 completed
  • New 5 Year Plan

    DOE and NIH reveal new five-year plan for HGP, predict project completion by 2003.
    Human Genome Project passes midpoint.
  • 1st Chromosone Sequence Completed

    First Human Chromosome Completely Sequenced! On December 1, researchers in the Human Genome Project announced the complete sequencing of the DNA making up human chromosome 22.
  • Chromosome 21

    International research consortium publishes chromosome 21 genome, the smallest human chromosome and the second to be completely sequenced.
    DOE researchers announce completion of chromosomes 5, 16, and 19 draft sequence.
    President Clinton signs executive order prohibiting federal departments and agencies from using genetic information in hiring or promoting workers.
  • Chromosone 20

    Human Chromosome 20 Finished - Chromosome 20 is the third chromosome completely sequenced to the high quality specified by the Human Genome Project.
    Pieter de Jong's team (now at the Oakland Children's Hospital, Oakland, CA) was a major provider of the BAC libraries used in the sequencing of the human and several other genomes
  • HGP

    Human Genome Project Declared Complete
    Human Chromosome 14 Finished - Chromosome 14 is the fourth chromosome to be completely sequenced.
  • Chromosone Y

    Chromosone Y completed
  • Chromosone 7

    Chromosone 7 completed
  • Chromosone 6

    Chromosone 6 completed
  • Chromosone 18, 19 and 13

    Chromosone 18, 19 and 13 completed
  • Chromosone 9 & 10

    Chromosone 9 & 10 completed
  • Chromosone 5

    Chromosone 5 completed
  • Gene Count

    Human Gene Count Estimates Changed to 20,000 to 25,000
  • Chromosone 16

    Chromosone 16 completed
  • Chromosome X

    Chromosome X completed
  • Chromosone 2 and 4

    Chromosone 2 and 4 completed
  • Chromosome 8

    Chromosome 8 completed
  • Chromosome 11, 12 and 15

    Chromosome 11,12 and 15 completed
  • Chromosome 3 and 17

    Chromosome 3 and 17 completed
  • Chromosome 1

    Chromosome 1 completed