Kate's Timeline

By ccds
  • An Angel was born

    On January 25, 1997, a girl was born by the full name of Katherine Elizabeth Hatcher. Her mother's name is Cheryl, and her father's name is Mark, with an older sister, Emily (15), and a baby soon to come, Sarah (8).
  • Baby's first foods

    Baby's first foods
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4Ueqx_pQkA' >Baby eating</a> Her first food was cheerios. Yum.
  • Baby learned to walk

    Baby learned to walk
    Around the age of 2, baby Kate learned to walk. Her mother, Cheryl, got her to walk by putting a baby lawnmower in front of her, so she'd have something to lean on while taking her first steps into the world around her.
  • Baby starts ballet

    Baby starts ballet
    Baby's ballet recitalShe started ballet when she was just four years old. She started with 'Mommy & Me' classes, but then advanced to older classes.
  • got a little sis

    got a little sis
    on november 1, 2001, i got a little sister...ugh.