American History through Doctorow's Homer and Langley

By ids232
  • Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 is first performed.

    This piece was written in 1785 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and first performed in Vienne on Feburary 11, 1785. JB
  • Period: to

    Women's Suffrage Movement

    Langley becomes interested in a young Suffragette named Perdita Spence. While this event has a wide span, and can still be considered ongoing, it was a major event in American history -HG
  • Period: to

    The Progressive ERA

  • First silent film with live music

    Homer was a pianist at the silent film theater during the silent film era. KW
  • Period: to

    Producion of the Model T Ford

    Model T FordThe Model T Ford was the car Langley placed in their dining room AS
  • Titanic Sank

  • Period: to

    Great War

    Langley Fought in the Great War AS
  • Period: to

    World War I (The Great War)

  • Invention of Blickensderfer 5

    Invention of Blickensderfer 5
    An object among many Langley brings home AS
  • Spanish Flu

    Both of Homer and Langley's parents die from the Spanish Flu. T.E.
  • Armistice Day

    When Langley came back from War. He had to march in the Armistice Day parade, which was the parade that all the soldiers marched after war was over. RM
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    The Jazz Age

    It was during prohibition in the 20's and 30's jazz became extremely popular in New York City and was played at speakeasies and was a large part of the roaring 20s. KW
  • Establishment of the "Daily Worker"

    The "Daily Worker" was created by the USA Communists in New York City revealing the views of their party. JB
  • First Television

    The first television was invented in 1929. KW
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    The Great Depressino struck America on Oct 29, 1929 (black tuesday) when the Stock Market crashed. It was the most widespread depression in world history, and it took decades for the economy to recover. it is widely ackowledged that the Great Depression officially ended at the beginning of WWII.- HG
  • Production of Streamlined cars

    -Between the 1930's and 1940's automobiles began being made with rounded corners instead of a box-like design. This reduced resistance and made them more aerodynamic. (p.80) AR
  • Period: to

    World War 2

    WW2The start of WW2 & Pearl Harbor effect the couple that cleans Homer & Langley's house. AS
  • Period: to

    Axis Powers

    The Axis Powers were a military alliance in WWII consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan. JB
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
    The bombing of Pearl Harbor caused Mr. and Mrs. Hoshiyamas to flee their apartment and live with Homer and Langley because they were being threatened by their neighbors. T.E.
  • Period: to

    Authoization of Japanese Interment Camps

    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt authorizes use of interment camps for Japanese American citizens after the attack made on Pearl Harbor by Japan. Approximately 110,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans were relocated to these designated "exculsions zones" until the order was revoked and deemed unconstitutional in 1945. HG
  • VJ Day

    VJ Day is known as Victory over Japan day. This is the day that Japan surrendered and effectively ended World War II. JB
  • Korean War

    The Korean War, June 1950 - July 1953 T.E.
  • 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

    "The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing was a racially motivated terrorist attack on September 15, 1963, by members of a Ku Klux Klan group in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. The bombing of the African-American church resulted in the deaths of four young girls attending Sunday School." Wikipedia HG
  • Period: to

    The Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights Movement refers to the period of time in the United States aimed at putting an end to racial discrimination. KW
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    Homer makes referance to this war. AS
  • Period: to


    In the 60s Hippies made an apperance in NY, Homer and Langley took 5 of them in as housemates. AS
  • Birmingham Bombing

    Church bombing that killed four African American girls who were attending Sunday school. TE.
  • Antiwar Rally

    This is the antiwar rally that Homer and Langley attended.
  • Anti War Rally Central Park NY

    "On April 15, 400,000 people marched from Central Park to the UN building in New York City to protest the war, where they were addressed by critics of the war such as Benjamin Spock, Martin Luther King, and Jan Barry Crumb, a veteran of the conflict. On the same date 100,000 marched in San Francisco"
    Wikipedia HG
  • First man on the moon

  • First Man walks on Moon's surface

    Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon, via APollo 11 mission! HG wikipedia
  • Alan Shepard: first man to play golf on moon

    The Apollo 14, 3rd lunar mission to successfully land on moon. Alan Shepard hits two golf balls on surface of moon. HG wikipedia
  • New York City Blackout 1977

    "The New York City Blackout of 1977 was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City from July 13, 1977 to July 14, 1977. The only neighborhoods in New York City that were not affected were the Southern Queens neighborhoods of the Rockaways, which are part of the Long Island Lighting Company System." Wikipedia HG
  • Mass Suicide of Americans in South America

    "People's Temple leader Jim Jones leads hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in remote northwestern Guyana. The few cult members who refused to take the cyanide-laced fruit-flavored concoction were either forced to do so at gunpoint or shot as they fled. The final death toll was 913, including 276 children." TE
  • Doctorow publishes Homer and Langley