1.1.1 Policy Manual & Cabinet Handbook

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  • Period: to

    Groundwork: Basic research

    Read UAE example (cabinet+legislative)
    Read Australian Policy Manual
    Read information available on legal affairs webs
    Talk to legal consultant to better understand 'current' structure
    Readings will be done by both MM and HS
  • Period: to


    Gather our thoughts about the documents read and build a comparitive table to show what we think is pertinent in each of the documents
  • Period: to

    Drafting: Draft publications

    Important to divide them into sectios to be able to better focus on each
    Once comparison is done, we can then divide up the tasks and distribute responsibilities
  • Period: to

    Editing and Proofreading

    Clean up the document (uniform use of language), edit mistakes, and putting all the sections together to form a coherent final draft
    Supervised by: PH, MJ
  • Period: to

    Review: Feedback loop

    Work with MOCA & MSRC on filling gaps and reviewing processes stated in handbook
  • Period: to

    Publish: Disseminate

    Identify persons or entities that will be receiving the documents. Management decision
    Perhaps draft a proposal to be presented to management on who should be receiving publications