Laura Farsace

  • witch visits

    witch visits
    The Witch that lives next door comes to the Baker and his Wifes house and tells them about the curse she put on them so they can't have babies because the Baker's father stole beans from her garden.
  • baker sets off

    The Witch had told the Baker and his Wife that in order to have a child they must find a cow as white as milk, a slipper as pure as gold, a cape as red as blood and hair as yellow as corn before the midnight on the third night. So the Baker sets out to find the ingredients and refuses his wifes offer to go with him.
  • first ingredient

    first ingredient
    After seeing Red Riding Hood talking to the Wolf, the Baker is frightned by the Witch and forgets the ingredients. But then his Wife comes against his wishes and reminds him. They spot Jack (from Jack and the bean stock) leading his pure white cow while arguing. They con Jack out of his cow by giving him beans and telling him they're magic while they're not really sure they are. The Baker sends his wife home with their newiy bought cow and goes off in search of the next ingredient.
  • little red riding hood

    The Baker meets Red Riding Hood while he is searching for the next ingredient. He then tries to steal her cape, (the cape as red as blood) but then feels guilty and gives it back. Later, he sees Little Red Riding Hood enter her Grandmother's house and how she's eaten by the Wolf. He then cuts open the wolf and rescues Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother. as a reward Red Riding Hood gives the Baker her cape. He thanks her and runs off.
  • cinderella and the baker's wife chat

    cinderella and the baker's wife chat
    While taking the cow home, The Baker's Wife runs into Cinderella and the Baker's Wife lies to the Prince looking for Cinderella and and throws him off Cinderella's path. Cinderella then comes out and tells the Baker's Wife about the ball and the prince. the Baker's Wife then sees Cinderella's shoes, (as pure as gold) and tries to take them when the bell chimes for the first midnight and Cinderella runs off. The Baker's Wife didn't notice the cow wandering off and runs after him.
  • the baker and jack meet again

    Jack meets the Baker in the woods, and gives him 5 gold peices in an attempt to buy his cow back. But when the Baker implies he wants more (to buy time) Jack runs off to get more gold. A mysterious man emerges and taunts the Baker, he then steals the coins and runs off. when the Baker is about to run after him his Wife comes forward, and admits she lost the cow. They then split up to look for the cow.
  • the wife eavsdrops

    As the Baker's wife looks for the cow, she comes across the 2 Princes. (Cinderella's prince and Rapunzel's prince) they exchange stories about the maiden's they fell in love with and who is more hurt. Rapunzel's Prince mentions her hair as yellow as corn and the Baker's wife takes note. she sets off to find rapunzel while the princes start singing "agony". while this happens, the Baker meets the mysterious man, and he gives Milky White back.
  • almost there

    The Baker's Wife meets Cinderella again, and the Baker's Wife tries to grab her slippers but Cinderella runs before she can get the slippers. The Baker and his Wife meet up and they have 3 of the 4 items needed. The Baker realizes that without his wife he never could have gotten the items they've gotten. He then admits that they should team up in their journey for the ingredients. They then sing "it takes two".
  • Jack arrives

    Jack arrives
    Jack interupts The Baker and his Wife and tries to buy his cow back with a hen that lays golden eggs. As they argue, though, Milky White falls over dead as the second midnight ends.
  • the slippers

    the  slippers
    As Cinderella finishes singing "on the steps of the palace" The Bakers Wife arrives and tries to trade her last bean for Cindrella's slipper. But Cindrella throws it aside. But since she needs more suitable shoes she agrees to trade her slipper for the Baker's Wife's shoes. Cinderella runs and the Baker arrives, now having all four ingredients. (the Baker bought another white cow) but when the Witch arrives, she discovers that the cow is actually covered with flour.
  • the end (a)

    When the Witch hears that Milky White is dead, she makes the Baker dig it up, and she revives him. They then feed the ingredients to the cow, and Jack milks her. but when he brings the goblet up he reveals that it's empty. After going over the ingredients they used the Wife reveals that she got the hair from Rapunzel, and the Witch explains that she cannot have touched the ingredint. Then the old man comes out and says they can use the hair like things in the corn.
  • the end (b)

    After they feed the "hair" to the cow, they are able to milk Milky White with success and when the Witch drinks it, she is restored to her beauty and youth she lost when the Baker's Father stole the beans from her garden. the Baker and his Wife are then able to have a baby, and they live happily ever after.
    (until the second act)