Emily Downey

  • The Lentils

    The Lentils
    Cinderella's evil stepmother throws lentils into the fireplace and tells Cinderella if she can get all the lentils out of the fireplace in two hours you can go to the festival.
  • Helpful Birds

    With the help her helpful, friendly birds(which she can talk to)Cinderella gets all the lentils out of the fireplace but her stepmother broke her promise because Cinderella has no proper clothing.
  • The Grave

    The Grave
    Cinderella then visits her mothers grave in the woods for guidance. While there she recieves a a beautiful and shoes from her mother's spirit. While there Cinderella sinngs "Cinderela at the Grave" with her mother.
  • The Baker's Wife

    While fleeing the festival and the prince(which she danced with at the festival) Cinderella runs into the Baker's Wife. When the Baker's Wife saw Cinderella's golden slipper Cinderella runs home just as the clock strikes midnight.
  • On the Steps Of The Palace

    The Princess's Prince leaves pitch on the stairs of the palace. The effect of this is that Cinderella's shoe gets left on the stairs. The prince then takes it and sings "On The Steps Of The Palace"
  • The Baker's Wife Again

    The Baker's Wife Again
    As the Princess is limping along she runs into the Baker's Wife again. The Baker's Wife then trades her magical bean for her golden slipper. Cinderella then throws the bean aside and trades shoes with the Baker's wife to run away from the prince.
  • The Shoe Fits!

    The Shoe Fits!
    The Prince now is trying t find the girl in the kingdom who fits Cinderella's shoe. As he gets to Cinderella the shoe fits! They hen get married and "live happily ever after".
  • This is Boring

    Cinderella lives in a palace with her Prince. But, there is one problem. Cinderella is getting bored of living this "fancy" life.
  • The Giant and The Grave

    The bean that cinderella threw grew another stalk with the Giant in it. The Giant's Wife then comes down from the bean stalk to find Jack. Everyone in the kingdom is knocked over by the Giant's footsteps. As this is all happening Cinderella finds out the Giant steps and destroys her mother's grave. Cinderella not being so smart decides to go investigate.
  • The Cheating Prince

    While everyone is drawn into the woods the Prince grows tired of his marriage with Cinderella. Because of this he falls in love with Snow White.
  • You did it!

    Everyone is blaming eachother for the Giant being on the Kingdom. Everyone is blamed including Cinderella for throwing the bean and growing the stalk. Then in the end the Witch is blamed for growning the beans in the first place.
  • Goodbye Giant

    Goodbye Giant
    They then all decide to kill the Giant. Doing this they need to use Cinderella's birds to peck out the Giant's eyes.
  • Hapilly Ever After Kind Of

    The Baker, Jack, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood decide to all live together in the Baker's house.