Julie Dana

  • cinderellas Wish

    cinderellas Wish
    Cinderella wishes to go to the Kings Festival but her step mother makes her do chores that will take forever. Cinderella is really disopointed, she has a harsh life. Cinderella sings "I Wish."
  • Friends Helpout

    Friends Helpout
    Cinderellas bird friends pick out the cinder from the fire so she can go to the fesitval. Her step mother still wont let her go to the festival because of her looks. She doesnt have anything to wear either.
  • Mothers Grave

    Mothers Grave
    Ciderella is upset because she can't go to the Kings Festival so she visits her mothers grave. Her mothers "magical tree" gives Cinderella a beautiful dress and shoes to wear to the kings festival. Cinderella is extremley happy.
  • Meets the Bakers Wife

    Meets the Bakers Wife
    On the first night of the ball Cinerella meets the bakers wife and tells her that she is running from the prince, (and the prince is chasing her.) The bakers wife needs slipper as pure as gold and she sees cinderella has the gold slippers. Cinderella is starting to regrate her wish. Cinderella sings "Hes a Very Nice Prince."
  • Another meeting with the bakers wife

    Another meeting with the bakers wife
    Cinderella is attaked by the bakers wife, who is trying to get her slippers. Mean while she is trying to hide from the prince. The prince hears the comotion and Cinderella escapes just in time.
  • steps of the castle

    steps of the castle
    The last night of the festival Cinderellas prince trys to catch her but doesnt succseed. Cinderella leaves a slipper on the steps of the castle to give the prince a clue. Cinferella seems to not be sure if she likes the prince or not. Cinderella sings "On the Steps of the Castle."
  • 3rd meeting with the bakers wife

    3rd meeting with the bakers wife
    The Bakers Wife gives Cinferella a bean and her shoes for the golden slipper.
  • The Shoe

    The Shoe
    The prince searchs the kingdom for his lovely madon. Cinderellas step sisters try on the shoe but each time the step mother has to cut off a part the there foot. The prince sees the blood and goes back to the house. Cinderella trys on the shoe and it fits perfectly.
  • wedding

    Cinderella and the prince get married. She becomes a princess. She lives in the castle, no more chores for Cinderella.
  • 2nd wish

    2nd wish
    Cinderella wishs that she sponsered another festival. She feels bored. Her and her prince is not in love like they used to be.
  • Bad news

    Bad news
    Cinderellas bird friends tell her the her mothers grave is destroyed. Cinderella discisses herself and sees that her mothers grave was destroyed by the gaint. This was the only thing she had left of her mother.
  • Saftey

    Cinderellas goes with the Baker, Little Red, and Jack to safety from the Giant. The Baker and his wife go and find Giant.
  • waiting

    Cinderella and Little Red have the bakers child and waits for the Baker and Bakers Wife to return from finding Jack. The baker returns and found Jack.. Jack tells the baker the bakers wife is dead. Baker gives Cnderella his child.
  • Caught

    Cinerellas birdy friends tell Cinderella her prince has cheated on her. When her prince appears she confronts him and breaks up with him.
  • Dead Giant

    cinderellas birdy friends agree to help slay the giant. Cinderella helps kill the giant so she doesnt kill anymore people. Cinderella explains to little red that killing the giant isnt a terrible thing.
  • Out of the Woods

    Out of the Woods
    Cinderella, Baker, little red, and Jack deicde to live as a family and take care of the eachother.