chapter 25.1 unifiaction of Italy stephano bozic

  • young Italy

    young Italy
    In 1832, a nationalist of Italy had formed a group of other patriots that were deicated to making Italy a free and independent country. This nationalist was called Giuseppe Mazzini. He and other patriots of italy united in northern italy.
  • King of Italy

    King of Italy
    victor Emmanuel (ruler of sardinia) was given the title of "king of Italy" . He was first to become king of Italy.three years later he would loose his title
  • prime minister of italy

    prime minister of italy
    In 1852 Camillio di Cavour became prime minister of italy. He pledged to drive out the Austrians. He would later drive them out with force.
  • France helps Italy

    France helps Italy
    From 1858 to 1859 napolean III of france agreede to help Italy. Thus defeating the Austrians and further more uniting Italy. Napolean agreed for the two small Italian territories Nice and Savoy
  • Unity even further

    Unity even further
    The people of Parma, Modena, Tuscany, and Romagna voted to untie with sardina. This was one of the crucial steps towards unifiying italy. With the years to come unity was within their grasp.
  • Unity!

    The citiizens of Rome voted to become part of Italy. this completed the unification of Italy. Italy was untied at last