• Sighting of Virginia

    Sighting of Virginia
    The three ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery sighted the land of Virginia.
  • John Smith's Capture

    John Smith's Capture
    In 1907 around December.John Smith got captured by a Powhatan hunting party.
  • Elected to be President

    Elected to be President
    In 1608,Smith was elected to be president of the Virginia council.
  • Tobacco

    In 1610-1611 John Rolfe began experimenting with tobacco seeds.
  • Third Charter

    Third Charter
    The Virginia company recieved a Third Charter from James I. granting more land to the company.
  • First Shipment of Tobacco

    First Shipment of Tobacco
    John Rolfe sent his first shipment of tobacco to England.
  • General Assembly Meets and Makes The First Law

    General Assembly Meets and Makes The First Law
    The general assembly meets in the choir of the Jamestown church. Its first law requires tobacco to be sold for at least three shillings per pound.
  • Africans Arive in Virginia

    Africans Arive in Virginia
    In the summer of 1619 twenty africans came to the colony to work as indentured servants. these servants worked for four to seven years in exchange for their passage
  • Women Arive in Jamestown

    Women Arive in Jamestown
    In 1620 ninety young women landed in Jamestown on the Bride Ship, to be served as wives for planters.
  • Indians Attack

    Indians Attack
    The Powhatan Indian atttack kills 347 colonists, setting off a war that lasted a decade.
  • Sickness and Starvation

    Sickness and Starvation
    The Abigail arrives with no food and an infectious load of passengers, plague and starvation reduce the colony to 500 persons.
  • Losing The Charter

    Losing The Charter
    The Virginia Company loses its charter, Virginia becomes a royal province due to mismanagement of the colony.