chapter 25.1 The unification of Italy kathryn

By kathryn
  • Young Italy

    Young Italy
    Giuseppe Mazzini called all Italian patriots to join his group called Young Italy.They wanted to make Italy a free country. Mazzini thought a republic government should rule Italy.
  • Camillo di Cavour

    Camillo di Cavour
    Cavour became prime minister of Sardinia. He promised to unite Italy and drive out the Austrians.
  • Invasion in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies

    Invasion in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies
    Giuseppe Garibaldi formed an army called the Red Shirts. They invaded the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and overthrew King Francis II, their ruler. They forced him and his troops north to the border of the Papal States.
  • seven weeks war

    seven weeks war
    Prussia went to war with Austria. Because Prussia defeated Austria, Prussia won dominance over German states. Italy helped Prussia in defeating Austria, so they got Venetia.
  • Completing the unification of Italy

    Completing the unification of Italy
    Rome decided to become part of Italy. It became the capital in July, 1871.