Chapter 25.1 The Unification of Italy

By brandy
  • Liberals and Nationalists in Italy

    Around the time of 1831 Mazzini sent a message for all Italian Patriots to join his Young Italy Movement. He wanted to spread the word around of ideas of the risorgimento. Mazzini didnt want a pope or a King to rule Italy just the people in the counrty that live there should rule Italy.
  • Liberals and Nationalists in Italy

    In 1848 liberals and nationalists led to revolts in plenty of different Italian states. They overthrew Austria rule in Lombardy and Venetia and made some of the rulers in other states to agree to constitution.After 2 years of failure of the revolts from 1848 to 1849, Italian liberals had improved in success.
  • Cavour's Sardinia

    Cavour was a big part of Sardinia, he helped and improved Sradinia in many different areas. The big thing he did for Sardinia was side with France and Great Britain while the Crimean War was going on. By him participating in the 1856 peace conference that war was ended.
  • Sardinia, France, and Austria (Napolean III)

    Napolean III made lots of different choices such as to increase French influence. By 1859 Napolean III made secret meetings with people such as Cavour to plan something big against Austria. Napolean III and Cavour made a deal and Napolean III agreed with Cavour for Cavour to give the French-speaking regions of Nice and Savoy,then Sardinian possessions-to France.
  • Garibaldi and the Thousand

    It was 1860 around spring season when Garibaldi and his "Expedition of the Thousand" went to Sicily and took over and captured it. Garibaldi didnt want to stop there he wanted to continue north and go after Rome and Venetia. Cavour had to stop Garibaldi so he sent an army to the South.