42 miles

  • expostoin 1: backround

    Joellens parents got divorced.
    She lives a double life .
    Her dad lves in the country.
    Her mom lives on the city.
  • expostion 2: setting

    Aunt Mimi`s Attic
  • expostion 3: characters

    aunt mimi
  • rising action: conflict

    parents get divoreced
  • rising action 1

    Lives one life with her mom as ellen in the city with her girl freinds.
  • rising action2

    Lives another life with her dad as joey a daring dirl living in the country.

    When she is with her mom they order the same thing for dinner pretty much every night.
  • rising action 4

    when she is with her dad shes making crazy dinners and never eating the same thing twice
  • rising acton 5

    She get angry because she isn`t with her girlfriends duriing the weekend so they cant do girl things like painting nails,going to the mall, picking out outfits for the next day.
  • climax/turning point

    Joellen says, ``She wants to be called by her real name Joellen.``
  • Falling action 1

    when she is with her mom if she can cook dinner a least twice a week because thats what she does at her dads house.
  • falling action 2

    When she is with her dad she trys to combined with what her mom does.
  • resoulution 1

    joellen combined what shendoes at her moms house and her dads life
  • resolotion 2

    She makes both of her lives into one big life. She invites her friends to her dads house.