Big disarmament failure in the 1930's...

By nesrine
  • Finally..!!

    The Disarmament Confernce was in progross..
  • Bang goes resolutions...

    the league of nations produced resolutions to ban bombing of civilian populations, reduce and limit the size of both artillery and the tonnage of tanks, and prohibit chemical warfare.Yet, all attempts to fulfil these promise had fallen flat...
  • Gemany was incensed..!!!!

    when Germany wanted all countries to disarm to the same extent it had drsarmed to in 1919 and the league failed to agree the principle ....Germany resigned..
  • The british note...!!!!

    The british note...!!!!
    The british sent the Germans a note stating that they agreed to "equality", however the superior tone outraged the Germans
  • Finally, being fair !!

    An agreement was reached to treat Germany equally..
  • Back again..

    Germany declared returning back to the league
  • Adolf Hitler.. the prime minister

    Adolf Hitler.. the prime minister
    he started to rearm Germany secretly
  • Promises...

    adolf assured not to rearm Germany unless all other nations destroy their armies....lies lies
  • Disarmament plan

    Britain produced an aspiring disarmamnet plan
  • withdrawal again !!!

    Hitler withdrew from the Disarmamnet Conference and the league..