Failure of Disarmamant in the 1930s

  • The announcement

    The announcement
    Germany gave an announcement that is was coming back to the league of nations
  • Germany's dissappointment leads to......

    Germany wanted all countries to disarm to its level of strength.However the conference didnt agree for other countries to become like Germany,so the Germans didnt like that,they just left.
  • What a way of treatment

    A note was sent by the British to the Germans,that they agree on Germany, being like other countries quite alittle.But the way the note was sent,made the Germans more angry .
  • finally,there comes peace

    The countries finally,made an agreement to treat Germany like other countries.
  • Was Hilter honest with the other nations?

    Was Hilter honest with the other nations?
    Hilter became chancellor of Germany at the end of January.He didnt keep his promise of diarmament,instead he rearmed his army without the knowledge,of the other nations.
  • Hilter promises

    Hilter promises
    Hilter was lying to the nations,he promised to them,not to rearm Germany,even if in 5 years,the other nations destroy their arms.But he actually already rearmed his army in February.
  • Britain's plan,that they were looking forward too

    Britain was determined in producing a disarmament plan.
  • Hilter changes his mind

    Hilter changes his mind
    Hilter got out of the Diarmament conference,followed by him,Germany was also out of the league.