Kristen Gilbert

  • Birth of Kristen Heather Stirckland

    She was born in Fall River, Ma. She was born the oldest of two daughters.
  • Period: to

    Kristen Gilbert

  • Married Glenn Gilbert

    The mairrage happened sometime in this year, the date is unknown.
  • Veterans Administration Medical Center

    Gilbert began to work as a nurse at the VAMC in Northhampton, Ma. Her coworkers found her friendly. She was a skilled nurse. They had no suspisions at first
  • Maternity leave

    After her frist child was born she came back from Maternity leave. The exact date is unknown. When she came back she changed shift to 4pm till midnight. The death rates tripled on her shift, Others nurses began to joke by calling her the "Angel of Death" thinking it was only coincidence her patients were dying
  • First child born in this year

    date unknown
  • Marraige begins to fail this year

    throgout year, not specific date
  • Second Child born

  • James Perrault

    During the fall she began having an affair with him. He was the security gaurd at VAMC.
  • Suspisions Act

    At some point in this month, Gilbert offers drugs to a nurse who has asthma. It is now clear she is the one stealing the missing drugs from the cabinets of the hospital
  • Killed Kenneth Cutting

    41 years old. she asked if her patient died then could she leave her shift early, ther supervcisor said yes. he was dead 2 hours later
  • Suspicious Act

    A patient with AIDs who was being treated with antibiotics suddenly passed out when Kristen Gilbert flushed his IVlines.
  • Killed Edward Skwira

    Skwira was 68 years old at the time. That same day several bottles of epinepherine were missing and found in the trash. It was later proven Gilbert murdered him.
  • Overdose

    GIlbert overdosed on drugs. She was sent to the hospital's psychiatric ward.
  • Convicted

    GIlbert was convicted for murdering four people and attemptive murder for two others